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10 best shoes of ALL TIME


The sneaker culture around the world has really exploded with the rise of social media. Two benefactors of this boom are Qias Omar and Dillon droppz. Omar has a huge Youtube channel, with more than 1.4 million subscribers, focused on the whole phenomenon of sneaker culture. They decided to join forces to open a brand new sneaker store in San Diego, California, where they are both from. The shop, Off the bench, officially opened on December 5. Since then, it has been the topic of conversation in the city. Nikki Goel from Clutch Points was there and had the opportunity to speak to the pair. As they are both, of course, heavily involved in the sneaker community, one question was implicit: what are the best shoes of all time?

This is an age-old discussion within the community and really doesn’t have a straightforward answer. Omar and Dillon couldn’t settle for just one pair of sneakers, so they both decided to give up a few options.

First it was Omar. He rang with this top five, which has some serious bangers in it: “If I could remember all Chicago Air Jordan 1, Kobe 6 Grinch… I really like the Travis Scott Air Jordan 1s in the brown pair. Cherry Jordan 12 because it was my very first Jordan, then just Classic Air Force One Low-tops.

Of course, the Chicago Air Jordan 1 is one of the best shoes ever. Upon release, it was also banned by the NBA, and Michael Jordan was fined $ 5,000 every time he wore it during the game. As Complex wrote, Nike paid all the fines for it and used the ban in their ad campaign, creating some sort of myth around this pair. As his business partner headed heavily for Jordan, Dillon decided to go in a different direction.

Dillon declared his top five including great shoes again: “SBs, Paris SBs, Freddy [Kreuger] SBs, G Dragon Para Noise, Flight Jordan 1 Spike Lees.

It is clear that Dillon is a big fan of the SB part of the Nike collection. Sure, Vans has historically dominated skateboarding sneaker culture, but Nike and their entire SB line have taken off in the meantime. Obviously, Dillon prefers the Nike SBs over other skate shoes and it’s very hard to argue with his top five. Interestingly enough, one of its choices is the G Dragon Para Noise, the SBs designed by Korean superstar G Dragon, released just in November 2020.

Obviously, everyone’s list of the best shoes is different in some ways. However, upon reading these names and legendary sneakers, it is very difficult to argue with the top ten mentioned by this couple.

Jordan 1, Jordan