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11 NBA players who made cameos on TV shows


The NBA is the best basketball league in the world, and therefore, the biggest superstars play it. In this sense, it is not surprising that some players are invited to be part of films or television shows. For example, Shaquille O’Neal has made many appearances and Kobe Bryant has also made several appearances.

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Over the years, several NBA players have made appearances on television shows, some short and forgettable, but others quite funny, whether in children’s or adult shows, but mainly comedy shows . Without further ado, let’s take a look at 10 NBA players who have made TV show appearances.


9 Kobe Bryant – Modern Family

The charismatic Kobe Bryant has appeared in several television shows, such as Hang on, Moesha, and modern family. In the episode “Family Portrait”, Kobe Bryant was playing himself, getting ready for a basketball game. Phil Dunphy (Ty Burrell), Gloria Pritchett (Sofia Vergara) and the kids call and wave at him, and then Kobe shows off his beautiful personality and interacts with the family for a few seconds. It was a brief appearance, but great, because Kobe could turn a five-second segment into gold, what a great guy Kobe was.

8 Rick Fox – The Big Bang Theory

Rick Fox had a stellar 13-year career in the NBA, winning three championship rings with the Los Angeles Lakers, averaging 9.6 points and 3.8 rebounds per game. Off the pitch, Fox has also been relevant, as he has been spotted with celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian and has worked on several TV shows, such as The Game, Single Ladies, Hit The Floor, and Green leaf. Rick Fox also made an appearance on The Big Bang Theoryplaying Glenn in the episode “The Love Car Displacement”.

seven Kyrie Irving – Kickin’ It

Surely you weren’t aware of this cameo, since the TV show Kick is not very popular, let alone for adults. This show aired on Disney XD from 2011 to 2015, and in the episode “Sole Brothers”, Kyrie Irving made an appearance.

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It was pretty funny, as Jack (Leo Howard) says “hey, you got Kyrie Irving’s shoes, you got Kyrie Irving’s face, man, you’re Kyrie Irvin!” then the player says “that’s what my rookie of the year award says”. Kyrie has also made animated cameos on We bare bears and Family guy.

6 Dwight Howard, Kevin Love and Deron Williams – The Suite Life on Deck

The suite life on deck was always an entertaining TV show, brothers Cole and Dylan Sprouse (Zack and Cody) always did something that made us laugh. In the Twister: Part 1 episode, Dwight Howard appeared, playing himself, Marion Moseby’s half-brother.

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Later in this same scene, Kevin Love and Deron Williams appear. Obviously, the boys are in disbelief to see three NBA superstars, and Mr. Moseby has never been happier in the entire series.

5 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – Full House

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is one of the greatest players in NBA history, currently leading all-time in points scored, averaging 24.6 points and 11.2 rebounds per game. Kareem is also the player with the most MVP awards, with six. His acting career wasn’t half as good as his NBA career, but it was pretty decent. Abdul-Jabbar has made cameos on TV shows like Live Alone, Amen, 21 Jump Street, New Girl, and Full housewhere Kareem teaches Jesse to play basketball as if Kareem knows it.

4 Karl-Anthony Towns – Player’s Guide to Just About Everything

Gamer’s guide to just about everything was a television show starring Cameron Boyce (RIP), which aired on Disney XD from 2015 to 2017. Minnesota Timberwolves player Karl-Anthony Towns had a cameo appearance in one episode, playing himself. Obviously Karl-Anthony Towns wasn’t that popular back then, but today Special K is one of the most versatile and dominant players in the league, excelling in all aspects of the game. game, perfectly reflecting the evolution of basketball.

3 Kevin McHale – Cheers

Kevin McHale had a career worthy of the NBA Hall of Fame, he won three championship rings with the Boston Celtics, played in seven All-Star Games, was twice sixth man and was ranked in the top 75 players in NBA history. “Black Hole” made a few cameos on the TV show Cheers, in the episodes “Cheers Fouls Out” and in “Where Have All The Floorboards Gone”, playing himself. Frankly, it’s a good thing McHale got into basketball. He doesn’t have much talent as an actor, to say the least.

2 Michael Jordan – My Wife and Children

We all know that Michael Jordan starred in space jam, helping the Looney Toons defeat evil aliens who stole the talent of some NBA players. This movie is a classic, but what many don’t know is that Michael Jordan made an appearance on the TV show. My wife and children. It was a very funny appearance that was very close to the real thing, as Mike played a one-on-one basketball game with Damon Wayans and beat him, mercilessly, showing his real-life competitiveness. In the end, the Wayans want to quit basketball and Michael tells him “If you quit now, you’ll quit in life. Don’t quit, try harder.” And then says “everyone wants to be like Mike” in a fun tone.

1 Shaquille O’Neal – Multiple TV Shows

Shaquille O’Neal is arguably the NBA’s most successful player as an actor, and he’s appeared in many movies and many TV shows, he even has his own show. Life Shaq. Some of Shaq’s TV show cameos were in My Wife and Kids, Welcome Back to School, American Idol, Fresh off the Boat, For Your Love, Arliss, Southland, among others. We’d say Shaq was as good on TV as he was in basketball, but that would be a lie, because he’s an NBA legend.