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18 best Nike men’s running shoes in 2021 to help you conquer the track, trail and beyond


If you’ve been considering hitting the sidewalk, track, or trail this summer, it was probably inevitable to stumble upon the best Nike running shoes on the market. The Swoosh is a multibillion dollar monster for many reasons, but none is more compelling than the brand’s stellar reputation for performance footwear. You see, before Nike was a global superpower that was practically synonymous with sports, it was a small operation founded by a former varsity athletics star and her trainer with an eventual mission: to design a better running shoe. Today, the Portland-based operation produces sportswear of all types, but sneakers are still its bread and butter, and its running shoes work overtime to maintain that legacy. Nike running shoes are among the best in the world because what they offer, from their cushioning and durability to energy return, is the opportunity to feel like Eliud Kipchoge, regardless of whether you are. a passionate amateur in search of a new daily life. hardcore trainer or half marathoner in the running shoe market that will help you crush your last PB.

When you buy one of Nike’s runners, you are buying a product that has been tinkered with to a fanatic degree: the foam midsoles, the lugged outsoles, the mesh uppers – every detail has been specially designed for performance at the top. higher caliber, on long distance trails, 10 second sprints or winding climbs. This level of attention is a crucial part of Nike’s history, the special sauce that enables the kind of innovation snapped up by masses of sneakers and unabashedly replicated by the brand’s competition. Flyknit, Flywire, FlyEase? All the insider lingo doesn’t make sense until Nike turns them into colloquial terms, simultaneously making the technology they represent the industry standard in the process.

No doubt you can find good, if not great models from other brands – the Asics, Brooks and Sauconys of the world – but it’s hard to find models that perform well. and do it with Nike’s signature panache. So why bother? Because we’ve rounded up the best Nike running shoes available right now. From trail-ready runners to everyday drummers you can wear for jogging around the neighborhood, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better place to start your trip. Let’s go. Do it.

The hybrid choice

Nike ZoomX “Invincible Run” Flyknit Shoe

One of the most recent shoes on Nike’s running list combines Pebax, the same performance foam that makes Nike’s advanced Next% line a favorite of expert runners, with specialized cushioning to prevent damage. stiffness during longer, less intense runs.

The everyday choice

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 Shoe

The Pegasus has been a stable of Nike’s running line since the brand introduced the silhouette in the early ’80s. The latest iteration of the all-purpose training shoe features its now iconic responsive foam and breathable mesh upper, but also features an exceptional Zoom Air unit for more energy return and a slightly modified inner band to minimize slippage while you’re on the move.

The choice of budget

The Nike Winflo shoe is an ideal option for casual everyday runners, from its upgraded Flywire upper to its soft cushioned foam. The most recent version of the silhouette sees the Swoosh increase the stake with additional heel and ankle support, as well as toe overlays for added durability.

The choice of trail running

Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 7 Shoe

Want to be the kind of runner who will hitchhike out of town and hit the trails whenever you get the chance? The Terra Kiger is for you. Nike’s best trail running shoe offers top-notch responsiveness with slightly less cushioning than some of its counterparts, although it makes up for it with traction studs specially designed to tackle shorter runs over rocky terrain. (and all the steep hills you encounter on the way back down).

The record choice

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Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT% Flyknit Shoe

In 2019, Eliud Kipchoge made history by running a less than two hour marathon with these revolutionary Nike’s, and they have been widely recognized as the fastest kicks in the game since. The shoes positively shine speed, from rods made using a lightweight, breathable variant of Flyknit the brand calls Atomknit – to exposed Zoom Air units and ZoomX propellant foam. Despite the abundance of technology, it’s as sleek and propulsive as one would expect for a shoe worn by the world’s tallest runner. If you are a seasoned marathon runner or just dream of becoming one, this is the model to buy.

The retro choice

Alright, alright, this isn’t exactly the most efficient running shoe on the market. (It’s not billed as such either.) But when Nike ditched the Challenger in the ’70s, the shoe’s padded ankles and elastic midsoles made it an instant hit among the top runners of the time. . Running technology has come by leaps and bounds since then, but the shoe that helped put Nike on the map and polish its running bona fides in the process still stands. The old-fashioned charm of the silhouette is perfect right now, while borrowing some of the sporty style of its decade has never felt more appropriate. For what it’s worth: If you really wanted to do a few laps, you absolutely could. But given the options above, they are probably best suited for execution. races instead of.

Plus 12 other Nike running shoes we love

Nike Waffle Trainer 2 Shoe

Another retro silhouette, this one inspired by the type of traditional running shoe that catapulted the Swoosh from the humble upstart Portland to the global shoe giant.

Nike Gyakusou ZoomX Vaporfly Shoe

Nike’s collaborations with Japanese designer Jun Takahashi tend to yield explosive results. This one sees a highlight of the brand’s racing selection updated via bold color blocks and eye-catching graphics, but with the technical underpinnings of the style fully intact.

Nike Flex Run 2021 Shoe

Comfortable, lightweight, and featuring extra zippers for easy slip-on action, these are the shoes you buy for shorter runs only to find yourself grabbing them whenever you get the chance.

Nike MMW Zoom 4 Shoe

When Nike brought in Givenchy designer Matthew Williams to bring his tactical twist to a classic running silhouette, she knew what she was doing: enlisting one of the greatest aesthetes of her generation to imbue a dynamic style of its futuristic signature. In technical terms, this translates into a high tenacity shoe with mechanical plates that promote heel cushioning and forward propulsion. You can’t run a marathon with them, but if you’re looking to turn heads on smoother runs, they’ll sync up perfectly with your best training gear and your most technical cargo pants.

Nike Free Run Trail Shoe

Proof that all it takes to invigorate a perennial smash-hit is a touch of hairy brown suede and a lugged foam sole.

Nike React “Infinity Run” Flyknit 2 Shoe (was $ 160, now at 36%)

Crowd-loving kicks in an always fresh shade of gray.

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Nike Wildhorse 7 Shoe

Designed to deliver top-notch responsiveness whatever the elements, the Wildhorse 7 is one of Nike’s toughest trail running shoes.

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Nike Pegasus Trail 3 Shoe

Another trail-ready option, this one designed with extra support around the midfoot.

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Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next Shoe% 2

The younger, hipster cousin of the Alphafly is designed for slightly shorter runs and benefits from Nike’s best energy return to date.

Nike Free Run 5.0 Shoe

Remember when Nike first gave up on its revolutionary Free Run and the whole world panicked? The same endless versatility that made the shoe an overnight sensation in 2005 makes it ideal for casual runners today.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 FlyEase Shoe

Already a fan of the Air Zoom Pegasus 38? Try closing (!) A recently updated version equipped with Swoosh’s proprietary FlyEase entry system.

Nike React Miler 2 Shoe

Foolproof stability, regardless of the distance covered by your workouts.