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18 Years After First Contract, Nike Pays Tribute To The King By Opening 750,000 Square Foot LeBron James Innovation Center


Being an NBA player comes with responsibilities outside of the four corners of the court. In the ’70s or’ 80s, the focus was mostly on gaming, and gamers weren’t digging their toes into other businesses. However, as the game evolved so did the athletes, and with that, so did business. Endorsement deals with sports brands have become another big step in measuring success and nowadays almost every great athlete is part of the Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Fila and other clothing families. But no one can match LeBron James and his name in this industry either.


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LeBron James raises the bar with his own Nike Innovation Center

Signing sneaker deals is another way for athletes to keep their income even after they retire. But success in this business is directly proportional to success in the game. That’s why Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James are the biggest names in entrepreneurship when it comes to NBA players. Why won’t they be? They have been fighting for GOAT status for a very long time.


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While this debate is far from over, LeBron James has done the unthinkable by honoring it through Nike with its own LeBron James Innovation Center. This is the first time that Nike has opened a center where apparel, shoe design and athlete analysis will take place under one roof.

This new Nike research center in Oregon covers 750,000 square feet of land, five times the size of the last lab opened 40 years ago in Exeter, New Hampshire. It just reminds us of just how impactful the L-train’s foot was. In 2003, the 18-year-old signed a $ 90 million deal with Nike, which is the biggest rookie deal to date. And now has a lifetime deal and the largest corporate headquarters to its name with incredible in-house facilities.

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What is the main objective of this NSRL?

Nike Explore Team Sport Research Lab Vice President Matthew Nurse defined he like, “The NSRL is the epicenter of where we work with athletes of all skill levels, backgrounds, skills and all sports.”


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It is the most creative way to understand the needs and opportunities of the target audience. It will be revolutionary to be able to help different types of athletes all over the world and it will all be under the LeBron James name. And proof by Nike itself, to let the world know how determined they are to improve their products.

BEIJING, CHINA – SEPTEMBER 04: NBA star LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers meets fans at a Nike store on September 4, 2017 in Beijing, China. (Photo by Visual China Group via Getty Images / Visual China Group via Getty Images)

What an incredible feat for the legend. Anytime you think it’s your cap now, what’s better than that? Bron assures him that he breaks it and surpasses himself. Can it get better than that? Knowing LeBron, probably!


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