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5 things we’re buying in the brand new home section of The Iconic


Life inside and outside of Lockdown made us think a lot more of home. Whether it’s creating the perfect WFH space, maximizing the comforts of your living room for your next Netflix frenzy, or collecting candles that remind you of adventures abroad, the point is, we’re only talking about of household items these days.

Well the good news is that one of our favorite Australian retailers has officially launched a housewares section. Yes, starting today we can now purchase THE ICONIC Home, a superb edition of some of our most beloved labels and housewares. Like perfect linen sheet sets from In Bed and cushions from Sheet Society, beautiful linen towels from Kobn, Leif shower gel and hand soap, art prints, record players and music. vinyl, as well as bulk food bags for the kitchen.

The edition gives us anthropological vibes, but with stacks of our favorite Australian labels and minus the insane shipping costs from the United States. Basically, if a spring cleaning is scheduled for you, THE ICONIC Home has you sorted.

Here’s what we have our eyes on right now from THE ICONIC Home.

Crosley Voyager portable turntable

Price: $ 189.95

Without denying it, some music sounds better on vinyl. This portable Bluetooth three-speed turntable lets you spin records at 33 1/3, 45 or 78 RPM, or play digital tracks through its stereo speakers. And it looks cool, so it’s a real no-brainer. Buy here.

Kobn Jade Towel

Price: $ 129

Designed in Australia and sustainably manufactured by a family owned factory in Turkey, this beautiful towel will instantly brighten up your bathroom. Buy here.

Seljak brand pyramid fringe throw

Price: $ 329

Made from soft recycled wool reused from old woolen sweaters and clothing, this lightweight throw is as versatile as it looks. The pattern is inspired by the volcanoes that dot the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast. Buy here.

Maison Blanche 002 Paperwhite And Clementine Candle

Price: $ 89

With delicate white papers and white lilies, orange zest, neroli, sandalwood and clementine, this plus size candle has enough jets to scent your entire home. Buy here.

GPO 746 push button telephone

Price: $ 99.95

Do you ever speak on the phone? Do you even have a phone line in your house? All of these questions are irrelevant as this cute piece of ’80s nostalgia will look great in your apartment no matter what. Buy here.

Check out the rest of THE ICONIC Home here.

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