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6 most surprising celebrity trials of 2021


Celebrity pursuits are high stakes battles which often involve millions of dollars and an abundance of drama. Fans love to listen to all the juicy details surrounding the battles the celebrities find themselves in, and so far 2021 has not disappointed. This year has resulted in some of the most bizarre and absurd legal actions against celebrities, some of which have been started by other famous faces, while others have been launched by brands that feel wronged or run out. run amid business meetings. . Surprisingly, family members even clashed and were involved in legal action against each other too. High life reported that a number of lawsuits launched this year have made headlines and have entertained fans.

6 Lil Nas X’s Satan shoes face trial from Nike

Lil Nas X’s entire career has been built on her confidence and ability to engage in highly controversial content and ads. It is known for pushing the limits with his messages, and it seems that when it comes to Nike, things have been taken a bit too far.

At the exit of Lil Nas X’s Montero (Call me by your name) video, he mocked the idea that many religions would condemn homosexuals to an eternity in hell, and he used satanic imagery to convey his message. It had to do with his Satan shoes, which just happened to be refurbished by Nike. They carried the satanic message “666” and contained a drop of blood in each shoe.

However, Nike was not impressed with the affiliation, and they sued Lil Nas X for using their shoes for this purpose without first obtaining express written consent.

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5 Several lawsuits surrounding the late Kobe Bryant

When the world tragically lost Kobe Bryant, fans around the world joined in mourning and mourning his loss. The idea of ​​his whole family being torn apart when he and his daughter were taken too early was devastating to fans, and the story of his passing truly touched people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Unfortunately, the tender moments did not last long. His widow, Vanessa Bryant, was forced to face several trials shortly after her death, each more shocking than the last. A lawsuit was actually started by Vanessa’s own mother. Seemingly greedy for money and obsessed with winning, Vanessa’s mother sued Bryant’s estate, claiming Kobe had promised to give her the money before he passed away.

Vanessa also had to file her own lawsuit after the shocking revelation that police who witnessed the crash scene took photographs of the bodies of her husband and daughter at the crash site and publicly released the very private and sensitive content.

4 Britney Spears’ father sued for stealing his money

Jamie Spears has controlled every move his daughter, Britney Spears, has made, and it dates back to 2008 when he first took control of its tutelage. After years of cryptic messages and deep concern from fans, the #FreeBritney movement was launched, which saw Britney Spears speak on her own behalf and fight for her freedom. Since then, she has received the support of a new legal team who have successfully removed him from his tutelage and is about to start a lawsuit against him for stealing his money. It is said that millions of dollars have been missing since he took over his finances.

3 Cesar Milan faces legal action over his deadly dog

Cesar Milan has gained fame and notoriety for his ability to tame some of the most behavioral dogs in the world. After helping many clients and calming the most picky dogs, it seems he hasn’t been able to keep an eye on his own pooch. Sixth page reports that the Dog Whisperer had a companion dog named Junior who was accused of attacking gymnast Lidia Matiss in 2017. She ended up filing a complaint against Milan, who also revealed more incidents involving Junior. In his trial, Matiss claimed that Ceasar did not stop Junior from attacking Queen Latifah’s dog, alleging he had mutilated it to death, then covered up his dog’s vicious attack by claiming that the Queen Latifah’s dog had been hit by a car.

2 Dua Lipa is sued for posting a photo … of herself

Fans love it when celebrities post pictures of themselves on social media, and they flock to see every photo that is posted. Dua Lipa is generally happy to help, and her Instagram page is inundated with stunning photos of herself enjoying various aspects of her life. Of course, this also serves as a promotion for the star, as she keeps her fans engaged and supports her career.

What the very successful Dua Lipa did not count, however, was being sued for posting a photo of herself.

She now faces legal action from Integral Images, which sued her with legal documents in July this year. They remain adamant that Dua Lipa posted her photo “without permission or permission,” citing this as a violation of copyright law that exists in the United States.

The photo has long been suppressed, but Integral Images is suing Dua Lipa in court for a settlement of $ 150,000.

1 Kendall Jenner sued for refusing to strut

This lawsuit was filed on August 4 and targets Jenner for failing to produce a modeling contract the label had set up for her. This despite the fact that she received a substantial sum of money.

Liu Jo claims Jenner was hired in 2019, and her deal promised two photoshoots for their collection, but she only ended up going through one.

The designers have already paid Jenner $ 1.35 million, but she “conveniently” failed to find a nice date and location for the promised second shoot. They are claiming $ 1.8 million in damages.

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