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6’6 Did Kobe Bryant go from 8 to 24 to his idol, Michael Jordan?


Kobe Bryant has always spoken of his admiration/rivalry with Michael Jordan – how far would he go to beat him?

Kobe Bryant has always made it a point to show that he is the best player on the field. Even while Michael Jordan was on the court. They had battles that weren’t long, but very intense. In the end, Kobe almost imitated MJ in his professional achievements. While Kobe was deprived of multiple MVPs, he nearly had 2 3-rounds on his own.

One thing he also copied MJ in was changing jersey numbers. While Jordan only made it for a little while and got back to 23, Kobe stuck to his 24 for over 300 games. When asked why the change, he gave a great answer about how he wanted to enjoy 24 hours a day and how hard he was doing on a daily basis. In another interview, he said he made the switch because he wore a 24 in high school.

But deep down, everyone secretly knows he did it to feel like he’s made his idol better, with the top comment on the post below speculating the same. He did the same with the Olympic jersey, where Jordan wore 9 and Kobe wore 10. Mind games right there. Snakes are known to be masters of deception, and Black Mamba is one of the best at it. Well he said he wore 10 to honor Lionel Messibut we know that’s just a cover.

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Kobe Bryant had two Hall of Fame-worthy careers – one with each jersey number

Kobe Bryant played 11 seasons in the number 8 jersey and 9 seasons in the number 24. While number 8 was brash and in your face, number 24 was calm, menacing and cutthroat. While they were pitted, the results remained the same – they both won championships. Several championships too, because he has a ring for each finger on one hand.

The numbers are also almost identical – and the accolades are also split in half. Here are the awards and accolades for issue #8:

As #8:

Second Team All-Rookie (1997)

Slam Dunk Contest Winner (1997)

Scores Champion (2006)

Eight-time NBA All-Star

All-Star Game MVP (2002)

Four-time All-Defensive First Team

Two-time All-Defensive Second Team

And here are the stats for issue 24:

As #24:

Points Champion (2007)

Four-time NBA All-Star

Two-time All-Star Game MVP (2007, 2009)

Four-time All-Defensive First Team

Four-time All-NBA First Team

NBA Most Valuable Player (2008)

Two-time NBA Finals Most Valuable Player (2009, 2010)

Each could have been a Hall of Fame induction on its own, and the Los Angeles Lakers rewarded it by retiring both numbers. He is the only one to have 2 numbers retired by a team. If you had the choice, which version of the Mamba would you choose?

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