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A Closer Look at the KOBE 6 PROTRO “GRINCH”


Like many sportsmen considered the GOATs of basketball, the Black Mamba was iconic. He left an impact that influenced the game on and off the basketball court, right down to the sneakers he appeared in during games. Nike was so quick to jump in and strike a deal with Kobe Bryant to create top-notch sneakers that fans will remember this legendary Los Angeles Lakers star for years, even after his retirement. The legendary sneaker released for Kobe will continue to grow even after other new releases. The new KOBE 6 PROTRO “GRINCH”, which was supposed to hit stores for Christmas and the holiday season, is a legendary shoe that Nike uses to honor the memory of the late great phenomenon that has always graced the game.

History of the KOBE 6 PROTRO “GRINCH”

Initially, the “Grinch” was introduced in 2010 on Christmas Day as part of the Nike Basketball Christmas Day collection. According to the Chronicles, the “Grinch” makeup of the Nike Zoom Kobe 6 has been called the best and most beloved shoe Kobe has ever played in during his dynamic career. Many sneaker fans considered it the best Christmas sneaker ever. Kobe broke out with this original scaly shoe in a game between the Los Angeles Lakers against the Miami Heat, a game the Lakers won 96-80. All VIPs who sat courtside during this game received a bag containing this sneaker called “The Gift” by Kobe Bryant. The shoe started generating high returns by becoming a go-to pair for the sneaker community. On the 10th anniversary of this incredible sneaker, Nike has released a new KOBE 6 “GRINCH” lineup with a slate of PROTRO programs for sneaker lovers to enjoy performance upgrades. The shoe was already more successful on the market with its total envelopment of anise green. The contributing factor to the success of this shoe model was Kobe’s tremendous on-court prowess when he graced the basketball court with it. The designers at Nike have also applied fabulous colorways on the shoe which has been acclaimed by many worldwide sneaker fans and ball players. The original pieces, which were released as a limited edition in 2010, had a stunning colorway and standout backstory that made them an obvious choice for anyone looking for a Nike PROTRO series. According to GQ Magazine, over the years Nike has continued to make different changes to this shoe, while already boasting great performance for fans to lay their hands on.


KOBE 6 PROTRO “GRINCH” has fabulous unique features. They include the injection of modern performance technology into this designer training shoe while retaining most of its previous striking design elements.


Nike did an amazing job for the colorways to make the shoe colorful with Kobe’s favorite colors. It comes in apple green, volt crimson-black. This colorway is recognized as an inspiration from the green mamba, a colorful take that Kobe Byrant was nicknamed during his playing days.


For the design part of the KOBE 6 PROTRO “GRINCH”, the designers at Nike have brought a fantastic overhaul to the shoe. At first glance, this PROTRO resembles the design created twelve years ago. Nike retained the unique Grinch green punch of colors on the body part. The improvement to the sneaker is to reshape it to make it more stylish and durable. This training shoe features a unique Air Zoom Turbo unit on the forefoot area which has been improved giving the shoe more exceptional cushioning than the original Zoom unit which helps the wearer to enjoy the responsiveness of the feet during play. The sole of the heel of the shoe contains a softer and more reactive foam which, when you wear it, makes you feel like it is reacting to the ground, giving it energy to avoid to feel dead under your feet. The brace is fitted with patent leather added to the silhouette. Nike also changed the shoe on the underfoot area and on the midsole by increasing the surface area and changing the traction patterns. According to Input magazine, the improved surface is crucial for the area under the foot of athletes. This helps improve ground contact as the wearer takes a sharper cut during play and helps them quickly change direction at any angle without difficulty. The upper part of the shoe is accentuated with awesome side parts and a yellow highlighter on the laces. The designer has also given this great sneaker a great heel structure shape and a chiseled sole. The outer layer is inspired by the appearance of snake scales, indulging the entire shoe. The latest design hasn’t deviated so much from its predecessor. Notable changes include the placement of the Zoom Air unit’s signature positioning.


The sleek pair of KOBE 6 PROTRO “GRINCH” is available at various Nike SNKRS outlets, select retailers, and Stock X for $180. You can order for your actual shoe size if you want a great fit. It would be better for those with wider feet to go up half a size.

final verdict

The inspiration for KOBE 6 PROTRO “GRINCH” came from a fictional creature, “The Grinch”, which has been renowned for years as part of widespread cultural practice in the United States. The PROTRO version celebrates the availability of this shoe in the market and symbolizes the life of Kobe. The new version of KOBE 6 PROTRO “GRINCH” is worth all the money if you want better performance shoes that are sleeker, in better shape and with unique modern features. The release of this model is a nice gesture from Nike to continue to maintain these shoes in the market and the legacy of Kobe Bryant among sneaker collectors and fans around the world. The new revamped PROTRO shoe has been worn on basketball courts with fellow NBA stars like Ja Morant.