Home Kobe shoes “A fake vaccine card? Probably!”: Former NBA veteran speculates if Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant were in place of Kyrie Irving

“A fake vaccine card? Probably!”: Former NBA veteran speculates if Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant were in place of Kyrie Irving


The whole world was brought to a halt as the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the globe. Many players have taken the vaccine for their safety and that of their families. While a few, including Kyrie Irving, have decided not to get vaccinated. People have made the argument about whether NBA legends like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant would miss so much playing time after refusing to take the vaccine. Again, this narrative was advanced fairly recently.

Former NBA veteran Gilbert Arenas sat down for a chat with Vlad TV. They discussed the whole Kevin Durant trade and the Kyrie Irving situation. Vlad asked Arenas if MJ and Kobe would have refused to get vaccinated if it meant missing so many games.


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To this, Arenas replied, I cannot answer correctly. I know they wouldn’t have missed a game. Did they receive a vaccine? I do not know ! If they had a fake vaccination card, probably! The two laughed at his response.

Arenas went on to talk about the fake certificates prevalent around sports for vaccination. He also said, “Because he[Kyrie] was so vocal about it that it was too much for him to even pretend. “You have to remember, only New York and California were the only two, the space that needed it. So that means 80% of the NBA didn’t need the vaccine.


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Gilbert Arenas’ comments made it clear how “crazy” Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant were about the game of basketball. It is only speculation on what they would have done in such a situation, because no one could have ever expected such a thing to happen all over the world. But nonetheless, they would have done everything possible to play the game they loved after such a long gap. And that’s exactly the point Arenas wanted to make.

Why did Kyrie Irving refuse to get vaccinated?

Kyrie has only played a total of 33 games last season with the Nets. The Brooklyn authorities, on the other hand, were understandably very strict about vaccine policy. This limited Kyrie to playing home games for a long time. He was not even allowed to train with the group for social distancing purposes.


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Kyrie refused to take the vaccine when it became mandatory for all teams. The Nets star then confirmed that he had not taken the vaccine. To support himself, he said, “No one should be forced do anything with their body”.

But the former Cleveland Cavaliers star remained hopeful of being able to play again. He also confirmed that he has no desire to retire from the game. Kyrie reiterated that there is a lot to do. He played but not enough to get anything out of a disappointing season at the end.


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Kyrie also said on his Instagram Live that he does what feels best to him. He maintained the position that everyone has the right to do what they feel when it comes to standing up for what they believe in.