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adidas bridges sport and fashion for PDP’s Shlohmo


It is well known that adidas has been a mainstay in the football community ever since the apparel company rose to prominence after competing in the German championship in the 1954 World Cup. Since then, adidas has gained a global recognition and helped shape some of the most iconic moments in sport and fashion.

From the cult of the Sambas to the brand’s plunge into luxury with Gucci and Wales Bonner, adidas has fused cultural boundaries while maintaining a signature style and authentic vibe since its inception.

To honor adidas as a cultural leader, we’ve partnered with adidas in Los Angeles to host adiClubhouse, a celebration of the brand’s footballing heritage. At the event, guests immersed themselves in adidas’ long history with the ‘Hall of Originals’ installation, a timeline of events linking the brand to the world’s most popular sport.

PDP sound system shlohmo was among the musical artists who took the stage to help commemorate adidas’ journey through the two-day celebration. As an avowed fan of the iconic brand, Shlohmo rocked the scene with A$AP Nast outfitted in head-to-toe adidas gear. Boasting new iterations of classic shoe silhouettes and vintage pieces from the brand’s archives, the duo offered a fresh take on the historic brand.

“I’ve been drawn to sneakers all my life, and adidas is an integral part of that story that led to my obsession,” Shlohmo says when asked about his personal connection to the brand. “They had a huge impact on the culture at large with all the classic silhouettes they created.”

Originally designed for sportswear, the original adidas silhouettes were designed to withstand the duration of a full 90 minutes on the pitch. But over time, the sneakers once used to evade opponents on the pitch have been taken and repurposed in a more edgy context.

“There were iconic figures who took adidas sports silhouettes and turned them into something cultural and fashionable,” adds Shlohmo. “Just by wearing the (the shoes) and the lifestyle that comes with them, they represent something bigger.”

Over the years, adidas has evolved beyond just another sneaker company. Slipping on a pair of classic adidas sneakers like the Sambas or the Gazelles acts as an indicator of a specific life lived and a rallying cry for those cut from a similar fabric. Well-known silhouettes now carry a cultural history representing the demographics that have made footwear part of their identity.

Shlohmo recalls the punks and track cyclists he would see growing up wearing all-black sambas as a type of uniform for the “utility-minded weirdos” in his area. This mix of style and function is one that few have done as well as adidas over its 73-year lifespan.

With the Sambas’ recent resurgence in popular culture, the LA-based musician adds that he wants to see the infamous Kobe ll and EQT BB boot as the next silhouettes to be revived from the adidas archives.

As the iconic brand continues to evolve, adidas is steeped in the history that brought it to this point. Never hesitating to pay homage to its sportswear roots, as the adiClubhouse event showed, adidas forges ahead with respect for the past and ambition for the future.

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