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Adidas releases sneakers formerly known as the Kobe 1


Los Angeles Lakers fans will never forget the spring of 2000. The miraculous fourth quarter comeback against the Portland Trail Blazers in Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals. Then the hard-fought NBA Finals against the Indiana Pacers resulted in the first of three consecutive World Championships. Can you dig?

Just as important as Shaquille O’Neal’s dominance were the bold performances delivered by a young Kobe Bryant. Adidas couldn’t have dreamed of a better timing for the release of the adidas The Kobe. Now fans have another chance to see the polarizing sneakers for the first time since 2013.

END. organizes a raffle for the adidas Crazy 1.

Of course, Bryant left adidas in 2002 thanks in part to The Kobe 2. While The Kobe 2 was never re-released, The Kobe was modified and renamed Crazy 1, which was released in 2013.

Now, after nine long years, the adidas Crazy 1 releases overseas on July 21st for $140. Fans can try their luck with a raffle on END. website. A national delivery date has yet to be announced. However, thanks to the world being more connected than ever, fans everywhere should have a chance to grab the kicks in the white and black colourway dubbed the ‘Stormtrooper’.

While The Kobe was the first adidas model with Bryant’s name in the title, it was far from the No. 8’s first signature sneaker. Bryant had three installments of the adidas KB8 before the introduction of the Kobe collection. in 2000. Before the KB8 was the EQT-Serieswhich adidas has already given the retro treatment over the past year.

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While the KB8 line was curvy and built on the fun aesthetic of the 1990s, The Kobe was a radical departure. Adidas executive Peter Moore was inspired by the Audi TT Roaster. Square side panels with barely visible three stripes and a shell toe in monochromatic colorways were built for the new millennium, but still look futuristic after two decades.

While the world is still mourning the painful loss of Bryant, it helps every time sneaker makers give fans a chance to buy kicks they loved. We will update you on this version as soon as we know more. Stay locked into FanNationKicks.com for the latest news, updates, and interviews.

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