Home Nike store “Airforced”: Saffas tries to guess which store sells these fake Nike, many options but no clear answer

“Airforced”: Saffas tries to guess which store sells these fake Nike, many options but no clear answer

  • A Twitter user took to the platform to ask a relevant question and started a national guessing game.
  • She asked if anyone knew which store was selling a particular casual shoe after sharing the image with her followers.
  • The shoe vaguely resembles Nike Airforces and now people are trying to figure out its origins there are many options but no clear winner

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You can always count on Saffas to pitch Twitter arguments about anything and everything. Now the Nike Airforces are in the crosshairs, or should we say, the fake Nike Airforces. In a recent post, @Khanyi_Jamani shared an image of takkies / sneakers that looked like the expensive brand.

Khanyi Jamani had a simple question about these takkies but Saffas disagrees. Image: Khanyi Jamani / Twitter
Source: Twitter

She captioned the post office:

“Which store is it?” I found you affordable air force on this side.

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Most of its followers believe the counterfeit shoe is from Mr. Price, but since there is no real name on the price tag, it could be from any other department store.

The comments section quickly turns into a guessing game as people try to figure out which store is selling the shoes. Besides Mr. Price, the main contenders are Pep, Jet and Ackermans.


“If no one called this shoe ‘Ta-ike’ I would be very disappointed. “


“Luckily, it’s going to make some noise when you walk fast.”


“Airforce. “


“It’s Pep or Ackermans.”

@ Motlatjo21:



“It’s not Mr. Price, look at the price. I think it’s Jet.”


“Definitely Jet.”

@ reigh0127:

“Allegedly Ackermans.

“Angeke”: Locals can’t believe Lady Mzansi spent R1k to buy Crocs

In another story, Brief News reported that a woman was spending a lot of money on a shoe she loved. Crocs are definitely not everyone’s favorite pair of shoes. While Crocs enthusiasts swear by the comfort of shoes, many people swear they would never buy them. This is why tons of locals were shaken up after a woman said she paid R1k for her Decorated Crocs. It all started when she captioned a snap:

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“I didn’t know I had earrings to match my new Crocs”

Soon someone asked how much the Crocs cost and she revealed that they cost R1k, which left many people raving in the comments section of the post. Read some of their hilarious thoughts below:

@MolekoTshidy said:

“Woah. Is it a real price? R1k? ”

@Sifiso_ENtuli said:

“R1k ???? Angeke …”

@ North73095217 said:

“I thought the Crocs were like the R300 …”

@mafuna_lufuno said:

“It’s still a lot, I thought they are R50.”

Source: Briefly.co.za