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As NBA Draft draws near, LSU Basketball’s Cam Thomas continues to hold on in the first round


After receiving an invitation to the Green Room for the July 29 NBA Draft, former LSU star Cam Thomas continues to see his draft supply skyrocket. The first-year phenomenon hosted a shooting clinic during his private practice with several NBA teams, including the Golden State Warriors, Atlanta Hawks and New York Knicks.

Thomas, who studies the film by NBA superstars Bradley Beal, James Harden and Devin Booker, worked on his dribbling creation throughout the draft preparation to be ready for the next level. Taking pieces from NBA legend Kobe Bryant has been a prominent figure in recent years as he is a purebred goalscorer.

“I would probably say the only player from the past is Kobe (Bryant) a bit because of our mindset and the way we score,” Thomas told USA Today in early July. “For players now, I compare myself to Devin Booker, Bradley Beal and James Harden.”

In Sports Illustrated’s most recent simulation project, Jeremy Woo projected that Cam Thomas would become No.22 for the Los Angeles Lakers due to his immediate scoring ability and potential as a consistent goalscorer in the league.

As a “bucket getter” Thomas knows this will be where he can step in from day one and make an impact on any team that selects him. Whether it was in high school at Oak Hill, playing on the EYBL Tour during the Summer Ball, or lighting it up at LSU, Thomas has always been the top scorer of any team he’s laced his shoes for.

This is the pure reason why his name flies on the drawing boards. Teams desperately need someone who can score the ball on all three levels, something Thomas thrives on and has highlighted in every NBA practice he has had leading up to draft night.

“Out of the dribble, out of the grip. People are really impressed with my range and how well I shoot the ball, ”Thomas said after training with the Warriors. “So basically the feedback I got is that I’m shooting the ball really well and it’s really different from my percentages.”

Bleacher Report’s NBA Draft guru Jonathan Wasserman recently pushed Thomas to 20th overall with the Atlanta Hawks in his last mock draft, with the potential to see him go even higher.

With Thomas winning a Green Room invite, he’s joining a special company among a host of projected NBA lottery picks, proving his draft supply continues to grow in the right direction. As today’s NBA moves towards a Premier League score, it’s fair to see Thomas’ name fly as we get closer to draft night.

His confidence and the time he devotes to his craft will make him a sure-fire scorer once he reaches the next level, but he takes pride in his potential as a playmaker to lead anyone’s offense. which team.

“A team should take Cam Thomas because he’s the top scorer in the draft and is ready to come in and give any team an instant attack,” Thomas told HoopsHype’s Michael Scotto. “Confidence and the ability to handle high pressure situations because you have to be able to live in the moment, be a student of the game and also a winner. He likes to win and he won’t settle for less. He’s going to bring a winning mentality to a team.

In next Thursday’s NBA Draft, Thomas will surely be ready to come on day one and provide crucial minutes to any team that selects him. With a ‘bucket winner’ mentality and a proven ability to score the rock, Cam Thomas has star potential for anyone lucky enough to get the much-vaunted LSU product.