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Billionaire LeBron James’ $45 Lobos Beats Michael Jordan’s $2.1 Billion Cincoro Tequila in 2022 San Francisco Spirits Contest


LeBron James is a big investor in the Lobos tequila brand, frequently advertising on his social media. Lobos also just beat Michael Jordan’s Cincoro tequila in the 2022 San Francisco Spirits contest.

LeBron has chased after Jordan his whole life. Of course, I don’t mean in the tequila business, but in the NBA. He is currently two rings behind the NBA GOAT (as most people call him).

LeBron was linked to Michael Jordan long before he was drafted. He was “The Chosen One”, destined to take the throne from Jordan once installed in the NBA.

LeBron has always had the pressure of being big on his shoulders. He also answered it beautifully. Many predict that LeBron will overtake Jordan in terms of legacy with one more ring. He is also on course to become the NBA’s all-time leading scorer.

Like Jordan, LeBron has also amassed great net worth by investing in valuable assets. One of those assets is Lobos Tequila, and on the face of it, James made a great decision.

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LeBron James defeats Michael Jordan in a spirits contest

At the 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition gala, Lobos tequila reposado won the award for best tequila reposado. Jordan also invested in Cincor Tequila, but he couldn’t compete with LeBron’s Lobos.

The people of Lobos were delighted with the results. “We are extremely proud that our tequila has been recognized by the most prestigious spirits competition in the world”, Diego Osorifounder of Lobo 1707 explained.

“My priority has always been to deliver on our promise to create a product that tastes great, and receiving this award proves that we have done that. The response we’ve received from consumers to our tequila reposado has been incredible and humbled.

This year’s contest was the largest iteration ever with nearly 5,000 different types of liquor brands competing. LeBron and partner Maverick Carter invested in Lobos because of the quality of the tequila.

“I knew the first time I tasted Tequila Lobos 1707 that it was special,” LeBron explained. When I learned more about the history of the brand and the management team, I just wanted to be part of it.

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