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Billionaire LeBron James’ paint job on $670,000 Lamborghini to match ‘LeBron X1’ is the biggest flex


LeBron James owns a number of expensive and amazing things. For example, a $670,000 Lamborghini to match his shoes!

The world of sport has been profoundly revolutionized in the 21st century. Athletes are not only concerned with sports and now have many other interests.

One area that is becoming an area of ​​focus for athletes is the business world. In fact, a number of top athletes have managed to crack it in that space as well.

A perfect example is none other than one of basketball’s GOATs, LeBron James. Having recently become a billionaire, it’s safe to say that The King is quite a successful businessman.

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With billionaire status under his belt, it’s no surprise that LeBron has some of the finest things this world has to offer. This includes a Lamborghini that matches his shoes.

LeBron James owns a $670,000 custom Lamborghini that matches his Nike LeBron X1 shoes

King James has a massive net worth of $1 billion. This vast amount of wealth is of course spread across a number of areas, including money, stocks, businesses, properties, and more.

One thing LeBron likes to spend his money on is cars. Both fast and luxurious, like a Lamborghini Aventador.

In fact, James bought this same car in 2013, for a whopping $670,000. What makes it special is the touch he added to it, customizing the supercar to look suspiciously like his Nike LeBron X1s!

It’s certainly a beautiful car, with an even prettier pair of sneakers to go with it. Certainly a profitable investment by the billionaire, four-time NBA champion.

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