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Brad Stevens: Celtics never asked Enes for freedom to take off his shoes to protest oppression | Launderer’s report


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On Sunday, Enes Freedom said the Boston Celtics asked him to remove sneakers that protested human rights abuses this season:

Enes FREEDOM @EnesFreedom

How is it right that I wear shoes to raise awareness of human rights violations around the world, @Celtics begged me to remove them and threatened to banish me, #Celtics now wear Ukrainian flag pins.

Who approved this @NBPA / @NBA ?

Who chooses whose life is most important? https://t.co/NT8daMNB4e

But Celtics president of basketball operations Brad Stevens said Marc Murphy from Boston Herald Tuesday that the Celtics never made this request for freedom:

“Here’s exactly what happened. I was actually at home, and when he decided to wear the sneakers, there was a concern – and I didn’t even know about it until the end of the first trimester – that there was a potential uniform or dress code violation. I don’t know what was said – I can’t imagine the wording was said – but the question I was asked was what to do with Enes’s shoes. I said I think he’s fine, and let me check with the NBA to see if there’s a uniform violation. Rechecked, fine, and he wore them the rest of the game and he wore whatever he wanted the rest of the year. It’s interesting, because I feel really good that we really sat here and supported him and his right to speak and his freedom of speech, and I even told him the next day that you know I’ve always done that.

“I spoke to him the next day and told him that you know that I have always supported your right to express yourself, to talk about anything you talk about. Let me know in advance, so that I don’t don’t check these things in the middle of first trimester from my couch at home We didn’t talk about anything after that because we didn’t check from then on Wear what you want.

Kanter has sported a variety of sneakers this year to protest various dictators and oppressive regimes around the world.

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Enes FREEDOM @EnesFreedom

The Genocidal Chinese Government and the Insecure Tyrant Behind It All
XI JINPING should not be allowed to host the next Winter Olympics.

Say NO to @Beijing2022 !!#FreedomShoes#NoBeijing2022 pic.twitter.com/Q6DXtpoZqE

Freedom also took aim at LeBron James and Nike with their sneaker picks:

Enes FREEDOM @EnesFreedom

To the owner of @NikePhil Knight

How about I book plane tickets for us and let’s fly to China together.

We can try to visit these labor camps
of SLAVES and you will be able to see it from your
own eyes.@KingJames @Jumpman23
you guys are also welcome.#EndUyghurForcedLabor pic.twitter.com/241bg887JO

Enes FREEDOM @EnesFreedom

Money on morals for the “king” 👑

Sad & disgusting how these athletes claim they care about social justice dribble” when Big Boss 🇨🇳 says so pic.twitter.com/YUA8rGYeoZ

Dave McMenamin @mcten

LeBron James said he would “not give his energy” to Enes Kanter’s use of his likeness on his sneakers to draw attention to human rights abuses in China. He added that Kanter, as a man, should approach him directly. “He saw me in the hallway tonight and he walked right past me”

The Celtics distributed Freedom, Dennis Schroder and Bruno Fernando to the Houston Rockets in February for center Daniel Theis. Houston later waived Freedom, and he has yet to sign with a new team.

“I really liked having Enes in our team, he’s a good basketball player,” Stevens said on Tuesday. “When we decided to trade Enes, it was 1,000% a basketball decision. Obviously the opportunity to bring Theis back with our defensive identity, and his mobility and his ability to play the way we wanted to in as long as eighth or ninth guy just made a lot of sense for us too. Enes is a good guy, he has a good heart.”

The Celtics, one of the hottest teams in the NBA, have gone 8-2 since the deal, even though they were already on a six-game winning streak before acquiring Theis. Over his six games, the Celtics outshot opponents by 13.1 points per 100 possessions while Theis is on the court, according to NBA.com.

The Celtics had a 7.8 net rating while Freedom was on the court in all of his 35 games.