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Bronny James signs void deal with Nike


Bronny James has signed with Nike.

The world of the NBA is much more than basketball, the way the league has evolved in the modern era. Players have always been celebrities and enjoyed endorsements, but Michael Jordan has changed the way every other aspect of basketball works. The biggest, most marketable stars get deals from sports companies that pay them far more than even their NBA salaries, and that’s a huge part of the sports world.

Nike has been the biggest name in basketball for years. Their partnership with MJ catapulted them to the top, and they consistently acquired the best of the best, including Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. And now the legacy of the James name has continued with the iconic brand, with reports that they’ve signed LeBron’s son Bronny to a lucrative NIL deal.

Things are changing fast for Bronny, who is still a senior at Sierra Canyon High School. Have gone on college recruiting trips, he already has his first contract with a major sports company. A NIL agreement stands for “Name, Image, Likeness,” which the NCAA recently allowed student-athletes to sign as a way to earn money.

Now, it’s not like Bronny needs the money or anything like that, but it’s a ringing endorsement of the belief in his abilities. Bronny is expected to head to the NBA, and his arrival is already a big talking point, given LeBron has shared his desire to play alongside his son.

Bronny James opens his new contract with Nike

For Bronny, this could have been in the works for a long time. His father, LeBron, is an integral part of Nike, and it seems only natural that the king’s son should follow in his footsteps. His words after signing the deal suggest he understands the importance of this opportunity (via Complex).

“As long as I can remember, Nike has been part of my family,” says Bronny, who is currently a senior at Sierra Canyon High School. “To have the chance to team up with them and carry on my family’s legacy both on the pitch and in the community is crazy – it really means a lot to me.”

The stage is set for Bronny to be part of the NBA, just like his father, although it’s a huge legacy to live up to. He has the world at his feet and all the support he could possibly need, however, Bronny James could become truly special if he has the dedication to make it happen.