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Bulls Andre Drummond nicknamed “Burnt Toast”



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The Chicago Bulls’ offseason moves don’t command much respect. One of the first and biggest acquisitions the Bulls made this offseason was signing backup center Andre Drummond for a two-year, $6.5 million contract.

Drummond has a second-season player option worth $3.36 million. Although he was a strong rebounder and an inside presence throughout his career, SB Nation’s Alex Kirschenbaum called Chicago’s new big man a “burnt toast,” meaning he’s completely washed out.

Kirschenbaum called it “one of the most disappointing offseasons in recent Bulls history.” It’s a blunt take, but is there more to it than meets the eye here.

Did we hear the same type of criticism last offseason?

No one expects Drummond or Goran Dragic, the other Bulls veteran, to be as good as DeMar DeRozan in 2021-22. However, didn’t we hear similar complaints about the Bulls’ offseason around this time last year?

Hardly anyone thought the Bulls would be as good as they were last season before injuries to Lonzo Ball and Alex Caruso weighed heavily on the team’s depth.

Drummond is still a great rebounder. In just 22 minutes a night with the Brooklyn Nets, Drummond landed 10.3 boards per game while scoring 11.3 points per game. Considering the Bulls will only need him to provide a little less action per night, there’s a chance his toughness, inside presence and rebounding could spark Chicago’s second unit.

Drummond could also play for his next contract. He has a player option for the 2023-24 season. He is still only 28 years old. If he has a big year in 2022-23, he could choose to become a free agent in hopes of signing a bigger contract starting the following season.

This motivation could work in favor of the Bulls. While Drummond may not be the splashy move many hoped to see, nothing in his recent output suggests he deserves to be called a “burnt toast.”

Taurus Notes and Quotes

  • Zach LaVine puts the “invisible hours”

The Bulls’ newest max player, Zach LaVine, is the subject of a new Twitter post featuring a video of one of his recent workouts. Pure Sweat posted this tweet with the hashtag #unseen hours.

It looks like LaVine is working on the one-dribble jump shot from the video. Could DeRozan’s mid-range play have a major impact on LaVine? Many Bulls fans hope so, because it would probably help if LaVine started chasing a pet shot and ways to score the ball a little easier.

Fan Nation’s Pat Benson has taken on an interesting task. He ranked the 10 best Kobe Bryant sneakers DeRozan wore during the 2021-22 NBA season.

DeRozan’s relationship with Bryant dates back to when he was a teenager working with the late Los Angeles Lakers legend. Its line of Bryant sneakers was unmatched in the league. Because DeRozan had a great season with the Bulls last year, this aspect of his personality got even more attention.

In case you were wondering, Benson ranked the Nike Kobe 8 “What the Kobes” #1 on the list.

GettyDeMar DeRozan

DeRozan wore the colorful shoes twice last season and averaged 27.5 points per game in those competitions.