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Celtics fan Nick Kyrgios believed him and Kyrie Irving, who had a massive fallout with Boston, brought tennis and the NBA closer


Kyrie Irving had one of the most unforgettable seasons in Boston. Irving donned the Celtics jersey in 2018. These two seasons of his career are not the ones that appear on his resume. The reasons for his falling out with Boston still remain unclear. Irving pissed off the Boston crowd and promised to make a comeback. He kept his desire to go on the calmer side of things. When Irving announced his departure, he took the Celtics and the NBA by storm. Celtics fan and tennis legend Nick Kyrgios was heartbroken at the news.

Kyrgios and Kyrie have a long friendship. The two have a sneaker collaboration with Kyrie’s Nike footwear brand. Irving and Nick are both Australian and share a love for the sport. Kyrgios has always been fascinated by NBA culture. In fact, the Australian tennis star also knows how to play the ball.


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The two are still friends now that the Nets have Kyrie as their point guard. Kyrgios wore a “Kyrie 5”, inspired by the Vapor X in Melbourne. Meanwhile, Irving wore a “Kyrie 5” based on Kyrgios’ Vapor.


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Kyrgios was quick to take credit for instilling basketball culture in tennis. He is one of the pioneers of the popularity and expansion of the NBA in the world of tennis. Often, Kyrgios wears NBA jerseys on his tennis court and while on tour. He feels responsible for bringing the world of tennis and the NBA together.

Kyrie Irving and Kyrgios are collaborating on a sneaker to bring the NBA and tennis together.

In an interview with NBA Australia, Kyrgios spoke about his love for the NBA and his passion for basketball.

Kyrgios said, “When I’m playing basketball, I don’t think about anything for, you know, an hour to two hours. It’s just having fun, seeing the ball, just hearing the ball bounce across the net. That’s my meditation , I feel like I have no problem in the world.

Kyrgios has been playing basketball since he was 14 years old. He loves being part of NBA culture. According to Kyrgios, he was the first tennis player to wear an NBA jersey in a stadium and on tour. He is a pioneer in the union of the world of tennis and basketball.

Nike also announced other collaborations between the two athletes such as the “Air Zoom Vapor X Kyrie 5 X NYC”. His collaboration with Kyrie opened several doors for him for the NBA and the world of tennis.

He said.“I wore the shoe and then he debuted it on the floor when he played for the Celtics. It was a special moment in my career. I felt like I was bringing tennis and basketball much closer together.

Like all NBA fandom, Kyrgios mourned the passing of his favorite player, Lakers legend Kobe Bryant. Kobe truly made a global impact by finding a way to influence an Australian tennis athlete.

Kyrgios mourns the passing of Kobe Bryant

In a tragic accident, Kobe Bryant, Gianna Bryant and 9 other passengers of a helicopter died in a fatal accident. It shook the whole NBA. Nick Kyrgios all the way to Australia also mourned her passing.


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Kobe Bryant was one of the greatest of all time. He had won 5 NBA championships with the Lakers and had faced Nick Kyrgios’ favorite team, the Boston Celtics, on several occasions.


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On the day Kobe died, Kyrgios wore his jersey to celebrate his life and was set to face tennis legend Nadal in the same outfit. Players like Kyrgios, Kobe and Kyrie really put the NBA on a bigger map!