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Coaches Corner: Basketball Players Wearing Stylish Shoes | News, Sports, Jobs


Westlake senior Kaylee Headrick heads for the basket during the Region 4 game against Lone Peak in Saratoga Springs on Friday, Jan. 28, 2022. (Jared Lloyd, Daily Herald)

What’s the biggest fashion statement at the games this year?


I’ve been into sneakers for a while now, and I love the style, culture, and innovation that goes into it.

I thought it would be a fun idea to see what the girls are wearing, so I decided to keep track of the brands of shoes they wear in every game I play and tally them up at the end of the game. ‘year. I saw 38 teams play this year, a total of 482 players.

The results didn’t surprise me, but there were a few I didn’t expect. We had one girl with Fila and two with Asics. These are not the two brands you think of when shopping for sneakers. Of course, the most popular shoe is Nike/Jordan with 420 players wearing them. The next highest was Adidas with 33, then Under Armor with 20. There were five wearing Puma and only one wearing Converse.

On 12 of the 38 teams, all players wore Nike. These stats go hand in hand with the global sneaker market.

The most popular shoes worn by girls were the Kyrie 7. These had the most appeal for girls as they offered the most and the best colorways. Specifically, I saw a lot of girls in pastel colors.

The players weren’t the only ones kicking. The coaches also got in on the action.

Five coaches had matching Nike shoes and one had matching Adidas shoes. 25 of the 38 head coaches chose to wear sneakers instead of dress shoes or heels.

At the games, if you’ve noticed what people are wearing on their feet, which I’ve done a ton this year, you’ll have seen sneakers on a lot of the students coming out to support – but the parents are also drained.

It’s cool to see the different styles and swag that everyone is showing off with their shoes.

Basketball is the sport that started and transformed sneaker culture and made it mainstream. It started with Air Force 1s, Dunks and Jordans; nowadays, Kobes, Kyries and Currys.

Everywhere you go, from the gym, to school balls, to the boardroom, they wear sneakers. It is a craze that is exploding around the world but also here in Utah.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Christian Childs, the owner of Cooperative, a luxury boutique at 703 S State Street in Orem that specializes in high-end sneakers and streetwear.

Sneakers and fashion have always been an interest of his, so naturally he looks at people’s feet to see what they’re wearing and thinks it’s cool to see everyone putting on sneakers.

Childs thinks the sneaker game is just starting to explode here in Utah. He says the most popular shoes being sold in his shop right now are the Dunk lows, the Jordan 1 lows and highs, and the Jordan 4s.

If you’re looking for sneakers, you have to check out Cooperative. In his shop they have the best selection of sneakers in the valley. You can find anything from entry-level, cheaper Jordan 1 Lows and Mids, to Kobes, Nike Dunks and SB and Yeezy Slides, to high-end sneaker collaborations, like Nike Off-White or Travis Scotts (mainly lifestyle shoes worn off the lookout).

On the court, Christian’s favorite sneakers to play with are the Kobe 6s.

Kobes is also my favorite to play. They have the best style, comfort and performance.

We both love that it gives you the mobility with the low tops and traction, to make it the best shoe for performance on the court.

The other shoes I like to play with are the KDs. His shoes also have great colorways, they are comfortable and have great traction.

The shoe I keep girls away from is the LeBrons. I think they are too bulky and heavy.

It’s been a fun topic to research and work on. Every game, I looked forward to seeing what the kids were wearing.

With state tournaments in full swing, I’ll be wearing some of my favorite sneakers to games. Check out my Instagram stories @coachveeks to see what I’m throwing at the games.

I can’t wait to see what you will wear!

*** Special to all my readers and followers to say thank you for following this year! The cooperative is offering $10 off your purchase (limit one per customer) this weekend only! You must show this item to get the discount. Send me a picture of what you get on my Instagram @coachveeks. I can’t wait to see what you pick up! I had my eye on a few Jordan 1 lows, the Starfish and the Neutral Greys.


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