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Cool things to buy in October 2021, according to Vogue editors


As Vogue editors, we are often poetic about the latest track essentials and home decor treasures, but not all of the items we talk about on this website end up in our closets and homes. Our finds are nice to see – they’re fun to watch and inspire a fun conversation – however, of all of these great things to buy, what did we end up buying? Each month, we’ll spotlight the special finds our editors have welcomed into their lives, all of the things that made us buyers happy.

After a hectic September, October turned out to be a month of relaxation and getting back to basics for Vogue editors. Not just any old basics, of course. Many of my colleagues have stocked up on lovely beauty and fashion items designed to enhance even the most mundane moments.

Editor couldn’t help but treat herself to a luxurious pajama set because there’s no more chic way to relax on the sofa watching again Hocus pocus or binging Squid games. While another unearthed the perfect red-red lipstick that Gucci created, an easy way to showcase those cozy fall outfits or all those pending Zoom meetings.

The quieter month also allowed some of us to escape New York. Of course, my coworkers haven’t left home without some of their favorite travel-ready shopping finds. I still can’t believe these comfortable and chic Nike sneakers Vogue publisher discovered are still in stock, especially since they are under $ 100.

If you are moving fast, below you will find these and other great items to buy.

Julie Tong, Senior Business Writer

I recently vacationed in the South of France in October and before the trip I searched for the perfect pair of walking shoes that I could bring that would be both comfortable while keeping my style cutting edge. . I opted for these Nike Daybreak sneakers in black which went perfectly with my cigarette pants as with my A-line dresses. I highly recommend adding them to your shopping cart for any upcoming vacation travel this year.

Lilah Ramzi, Features and Commerce Editor

After more than an hour in a Sephora, slipping variations of red lipsticks across the back of my hand, I finally found the perfect shade of red. I didn’t pay attention to the brand; my only criterion being that the winning mark on my body (I ended up on both hands, then rolled my wrist up) contained no trace of a blue-purple shade. I was looking for a scarlet red, red like a poppy flower, not a pomegranate seed. Finally, I landed on the Rouge à Lèvres Satin lipstick from Gucci in 500 Odalie Red. It’s the absolutely perfect shade of red for my pale rosy complexion, and I haven’t felt like wearing anything else since it came into my life. I even got random IG messages asking me to identify the shadow!

Gucci satin lipstick lipstick

Elisée Browchuk, Head of Production and Marketing Experiences

This month I crossed the pond and then I crossed the country. Traveling by plane, train, and automobile, I knew I needed a wallet that was easy to find and functional. I found this vibrant Comme Des Garçons zipped plaid wallet to do the trick brilliantly.

Comme Des Garçons Wallet

Rachel Besser, Market Editor

Truth be told, I have a lot of pajamas in my arsenal, but of all the pairs, I have mostly become obsessed with my Cosabella pajamas. Honestly, I’ve gotten to the point where I’m looking forward to the end of the day where I can participate in my evening ritual of taking a long hot shower and slipping into those pajamas. They go beyond the concept of comfort – the fabric is like butter and the silhouette is the ideal fit neither too loose nor too tight. The only catch is, I only got one pair. With the weather getting a little colder and a comfy pair of pajamas feeling more needed than ever, I just picked up another tray and really couldn’t be happier.

Cosabella Bella Relaxed Long Sleeve Top and Pants

Rickie De Sole, Executive Director of Fashion

I bought some stuff! I am heavily influenced by my colleagues at Condé Nast when it comes to purchasing decisions. I was watching this Proenza Schouler knit dress all season long and finally bought it after seeing Architectural summary EIC Amy Astley wearing it at a recent Vogue teens Event. Amy is someone I have always admired in terms of style and seeing her in her eventually made me check out Farfetch (the sale price was helpful too!).