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Could the Pelicans make Zion Williamson a billionaire?


The New Orleans Pelicans have signed Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram to multi-year deals that should keep the franchise’s championship window open for most of the decade. The pairing of the one-and-done Duke All-Stars allows them to become one of the best duos in NBA history. They could also become billionaires in the process.

The big ones are known by one name. Jordan and Pippen. Magic and Kareem. Shaq and Kobe. Bill and Bob. Zion and BI have a chance to make the list. Unlike recent LeBron-AD or Jrue-Giannis duos made possible by New Orleans, the Pelicans have time on their side. Williamson and Ingram turned young professionals and became All-Stars before they even reached their peaks.

Clocking their third contracts and raising the salary cap will make Zion Williamson a billionaire. Williamson’s rookie deal and new level cap extension is worth around $240 million. Nike’s 7-year, $75 million deal expires before the 2027 season. Zion turns 22 on July 6 with over $300 million in the bank, and he’s yet to sign his two biggest NBA contracts and possibly the biggest endorsement deal in sneaker history.

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Williamson’s marketing goes beyond Nike. Gatorade, Mountain Dew and the NBA2K series featured the star’s unique smile on their merchandise. Panini and Fanatics gave Williamson limited edition trading cards. At the same time, Mercedes sent Zion an S63 to survive on the roads of New Orleans.

Bradley Beal recently signed a $250 million contract. In the next three contracts, Williamson could triple that contract due to increased league revenue. Therefore, Zion could plan to become a billionaire.

Given the appearance of the 2019 first overall pick throughout the summer of 2022, the Pelicans will gladly take the tab to build a title-winning team.

Ingram’s playoff performances were reportedly turned into several marketing campaigns by other players with other agents. This is not the “BI” method. He has just spent his offseason, spending time with his family and refining his fluid, efficient and sometimes violent game. The North Carolina native is 25 years old and around $200 million in career earnings.

His income could conservatively double in his next two contracts. The family pride of Cuthbertson High will be able to retire comfortably without leaving his comfort zone, even if he doesn’t achieve billionaire status. Ingram will have to return to New Orleans for a jersey retirement ceremony based on last season’s only race. The Pelicans are hoping there will also be NBA Finals rings to show off.

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