Credit to people with a liberal or independent profession

Are you an entrepreneur and want to get credit for independents? Even when the agenda is well filled, entrepreneurs find it difficult to obtain credit from a bank.

No fixed employment contract


They do not easily accept credit when there is no fixed employment contract and regular monthly wages.

When certain credit institutions refuse the application, others accept it but demand the payment of higher interest rates.

Independent as a risk group


After a thorough study, many banks consider lending to people with a liberal and independent profession as high risk and refuse any negotiations.

From a banking point of view, prudence in the right to credit is easy to explain. Institutes prefer creditors who can pay their tuition fees without any difficulty.

How often, people in a liberal or independent profession have high wages, but their requests are refused, as their wages are neither regular nor guaranteed in the long term. For these people, the financial risk is considered to be higher than for an employee.

The search for an advantageous credit in these conditions becomes slow and difficult. Without unavoidable difficulties, at Sean Cole, you will be accepted as a creditor if you wish to obtain credit for the independent.

What are the conditions for an independent credit?


Certain obstacles must be overcome: the creditor must have proof of domicile fixed in Switzerland, be of legal age and have no negative registration with the office of poursuites and GFI.

In addition, an independent person must present other documents such as – the last definitive tax attestation, as an independent or liberal person – the attestation of a minimum annual salary of USD 40,000.



It is usually difficult for an entrepreneur to obtain credit from banks. However with Sean Cole’s chances of getting a loan are much better. We finance in a simple and advantageous way so that you can focus on your activities.

You have a credit calculator on our website. This allows you to calculate several variants for your credit. You can immediately make your application for private credit online.

If you have a specific question or need further clarification, Sean Cole, which is available by phone, is at your entire disposal.