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‘Disgusting game’: NBA Twitter accuses Stephen Curry as LaMelo Ball risks serious injury


The Golden State Warriors have proven to be a strong team this season with Stephen Curry in the lead. While they don’t have Klay Thompson, their veteran additions have paid off.


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On November 3, they faced another interesting team with the Charlotte Hornets. Along with the duo of LaMelo Ball and Miles Bridges, the Hornets posed a decent challenge for the Warriors. And yet the hosts won 114-92.


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LaMelo Ball collides with Stephen Curry

In a close game, the first half went to the Warriors, thanks to Jordan Poole. His hot start covered for Stephen Curry being cold. However, even LaMelo Ball couldn’t get it to work. It was once again Miles Bridges who had his impact on the game and kept the Hornets close.

With the Warriors in the lead in the fourth quarter, LaMelo tried to reduce the deficit by 9 points. But, a collision with Stephen Curry saw him take a bad fall. As Melo came in side-by-side with Juan Toscano-Anderson, Curry stood in front of him like a wall and that caused LaMelo to fly.

As the 20-year-old grabbed his lower back (right side) in pain, fans weren’t happy with Curry and took to Twitter.

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Fans reacted to the collision

The ball stayed on the ground for a while before getting up to take the free throws. At first it looked like a serious injury, but LaMelo luckily got back on his feet. However, looking at this, fans weren’t happy with the way Stephen approached the play.


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The two leaders had a night’s rest. Curry could barely pull off his shots before the fourth quarter. Poole made a big impact, replacing Curry on his night off. On the other hand, as Ball pulls out two great games in a row scoring over 25, tonight was different.

LaMelo’s shot was cut short as he failed to sink in a single triple. However, both goalies made an impact on the game by keeping their teammates active throughout. The Warriors’ defense propelled them to victory rather than their offensive spectacle. Gary Payton II was very important to the Bay, racking up points and playing very well on the ball defense.


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With the Warriors doing it on both ends of the pitch, what will they look like with Klay Thompson’s return? Let us know in the comments below.

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