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Drake and Nike reissue certified Lover Boy merchandise


Drake’s latest album, Certified Lover Boy (CLB), was released with record numbers. The latest addition to the musician’s discography debuted atop Billboard’s Top 200 and is expected to generate over 743.7 million streams in the United States alone. This is the biggest album release in over a year, a track currently held by Taylor Swift’s Folklore.

These numbers prove that the album launch was a huge victory for Nike as the brand launched a collaboration with Drake as a way to promote their album. It comes after the famous Drake x Jumpman deal in 2013, which sparked a controversy between Drake and Kanye West. The CLB product was released last year, right after the singer mentioned he was releasing the album, and the products sold out quickly. With so much hype around Drake and fans supporting Nike, the line has seen huge success.

The brand has since decided to reissue the CLB collection in order to continue promoting the album. It’s important to note, however, that not all of the items Nike has previously released with the line will be back in production. Although some pieces will be missing, the brand will add new products to the collection. The drop is getting a lot of attention right now due to the album’s success, with Nike expecting the media circus to shed more light on the clothing drop.

This news also comes in the wake of Drake beating Kanye to number one on the charts. Kanye, who has a partnership with Adidas, has been at odds with Drake for some time after having heated exchanges on social media as well as in their songs. The animosity between the two musicians is also expected to increase the rivalry between Nike and Adidas, a brand with which Kanye now works.

Brands that partner with artists have become more common in recent years, and this is mutually beneficial. Brands get celebrity names and celebrities get quality products as merch. For one thing, Reebok has teamed up with Teyana Taylor and now has her as a brand ambassador for their merchandise while Tyler The Creator has a premier collaboration with Converse.

These types of partnerships have continued to develop as social media becomes a driving force behind the marketing of products to the consumer market. And the reissue of the Certified Lover Boy collection shows how these partnerships benefit both the brand and the artist.

If you are looking for a way to support your favorite artist, or just to represent your appreciation for them, you can go through the physical store or the online store to pick up pieces from the collection. While there is no specific date for the collection’s relaunch yet, it is expected to be released soon to coincide with the debut of Certified Lover Boy.