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Drake and Tory Lanez hoop in Miami


The two Canadian rappers took their talents to South Beach.

Drake has never kept his love for basketball a secret. His lyrics are filled with tributes and clever allusions to basketball legends past and present. He’s still in Toronto. He adapted and hiked the layup lines at the University of Kentucky alongside Devin Booker. He tore up his ACL and delayed the release of Certified Lover Boy. He took part in Bronny James’ bouts in the Sierra Canyon last season alongside LeBron James himself. Drake loves basketball and has never hesitated to do so.

So many times over the years we’ve had these videos of Drake playing basketball. We have seen the evolution of his shooting, his grips, his style on the court. It’s never been that Drake is the greatest hooper of all time, but it’s always been clear that he loves the game and it’s always been hilarious how seriously he takes it.

Rocking compression gear, headbands and the latest Nikes it has always been on point and today’s example is no different.

Filmed hooping with another rapper from Toronto to Miami, we see Drake in Nike from head to toe with the Kobes laced up. He tries out a few dribbling moves and throws a long ball of air followed by a quick “Oh, shit!”

Lanez, who has never been a stranger to the court, has had his fair share of internet basketball moments, including being roasted for his jumpshot and baldness. In 2017, he and Drake were spotted hooping (also in Miami), but there were more people on the pitch and we couldn’t see what it looked like for the two to just check out and to play one on one.

The clip was short and we don’t see much other than Tory pushing the bullet out of Drake’s reach and The Six God shooting from the depths and only getting air, but that’s just another example. of how often Drizzy is actually in the field. Last year, after his new estate in Toronto was unveiled, it was revealed he included a huge tribute to Kobe in his home gym and even had umpires on deck for pickup matches. in the mansion.

We asked the question about bringing Drake into the ring last week, but we need to know: are you beating him one on one? Let us know in the comments.