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Emmanuel Sanders brings perspective to get started quickly with Bills | Buffalo Bills News | NFL


On not forcing him as a receiver when the ball isn’t coming towards you: “Sometimes forcing it is from an emotional point of view. You get so caught up in the emotions that you don’t run your routes the same, you shorten your routes, you are not there mentally, because you are waiting for the ball to come. Instead of just saying, ‘So what? Let me relax, be a great teammate, cheer on my guys. And when my opportunity presents itself, I’ll be ready for it. I just think overall it’s also good for the team.

Face NFL stars or be a 17-point favorite, like the Bills vs. Washington: “If I’m up against the biggest cornerback or the worst cornerback in the NFL they’re nameless, great faces for. me. I have to attack them, and I try to win every time, no matter who it is. So you don’t get caught up in this. You don’t get dragged into this 17-point favorite. My dad called and he said, ‘Hey, they got you ready …’ ‘Dad, I’m sorry, I don’t want to hear it.’ At the end of the day, it’s the National Football League, and any team can be beaten at any time. “

His teammates recognize his comfort in his own skin.

“You know he’s got juice,” Allen said. “He was great for me. I know he’s been great for the other guys in that locker room. And to have this guy who was there and did it and who won it all, to have his presence, I think that’s huge for us. And that will only continue to improve, in my opinion.