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Former Blazers star Brandon Roy shares favorite ‘Idol’ Kobe Bryant memory


Brandon Roy had to struggle a lot to meet NCAA requirements due to his learning disabilities. He had to donate his SATs four times to land at the University of Washington, then he could finally work for his trip to the NBA. Like most spring athletes, he also had a role model, and it was none other than Kobe Bryant. So when Brandon was finally able to sit down with the Lakers legend and hang out, it became his favorite Kobe Bryant memory.


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How Kobe Bryant and Brandon Roy bonded

It was only his third year in the league and Brandon Roy was playing for the Portland Trail Blazers. At the time, the Blazers had a winning streak against the Los Angeles Lakers, but Kobe and Brandon both got injured.


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So since they weren’t both playing, that meant Brandon had the opportunity to meet Kobe and he asked his friend Chuck, who worked with Nike and Kobe, to ask the Lakers superstar if he could come. say hello to him. Roy waited and Chuck finally came in the second quarter to tell him that Kobe had asked him to come after half-time.

Brandon was very nervous because he hadn’t had a one-on-one with Kobe. He told, “I arrive at the door, I listen. I bang on the locker room door and the coach says, “Who is this? And I was like it was B. Roy. Kobe was lying on the table, he was fully dressed and had all his warm-up … “

“So, I was like Oh man, is this Kobe?” So he jumps off the table and he says, ‘B. Roy! Come here! And I went to pat him and he gave me a bear hug and I was like Damn .. it’s Kobe! We ended up sitting there talking and joking for the entire second half of the game. For me it was like dammit, I meet my idol and spend time with him.

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Roy and Kobe even talked about Michael Jordan


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Brandon couldn’t help but ask Kobe about his relationship with Michael Jordan. What Kobe said, “We are cool”. It was sure to be a big fan moment for Brandon. Without his injury issues, Brandon could have become a very big name in the league himself. In fact, even Kobe was talking very highly from the star.

Even the toughest defenders struggled to keep him. It seemed like nothing could hold him back, but his injuries got the better of him. He finally had to say goodbye to the NBA after playing just 5 seasons at the age of 28. He returned for a brief stint with the Minnesota Timberwolves, but his heyday was long gone.


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Sadly, Roy just never had the NBA career he thought. But what he got was to meet and relax with his idol and one of the greatest players to ever walk the pitch.


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