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Here’s where Ben Simmons got his fiancé’s ring in Philly


It seems that congratulations are in order. 76ers star Ben Simmons is reportedly engaged to British TV host Maya Jama. The proposal apparently took place over the holidays and she excepted.

According to New York Post, the couple decided to remain silent about the engagement. They only told their close friends and family. It is also said that he got the engagement ring from. We don’t know the exact store he purchased the ring from, but if you’ve been to Philadelphia’s diamond district before, you know there are plenty of options to choose from. Philly has America’s oldest diamond district with stores like Harzin Jewelers, Barsky Diamonds, Tangs Diamonds, Campbell & Company, and more. According to Bark, the area’s most popular diamond store is D’Antonio & Klein Jewelers. They have the best reviews and are the favorites of customers. So if Simmons wanted the best for his wife, let’s hope he’s gone for what everyone thinks is the best.

Simmons took the ring on a day before asking the question. He felt he knew exactly what Jama would like and chose it himself, according to the New York Post.

Getting engaged was probably the only good thing that happened to Simmons in 2021. He was in constant battle with the 76ers and embarrassed the city of Philadelphia with his behavior.

Good luck to the happy couple anyway!

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