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“He’s going to fire me when this is over!” : Michael Jordan’s agent recalls an eerily quiet first encounter with Nike in 1984


Former NBA superstar Michael Jordan was hesitant to sign a deal with Nike in 1984 until he was convinced otherwise.

Back in the 90s, Michael Jordan was among the most recognizable names in the world. He was perhaps as popular as the pope at the height of his career.

The way Jordan went viral in a pre-social media era is unprecedented. Back when the flow of information was not so seamless, the only way to be famous was to be newsworthy. And MJ was as newsworthy as can be.

The Chicago Bulls legend has won 6 NBA titles. His unparalleled skills were far ahead of his time. In fact, even current players are singing the praises of the GOAT.

But, just his performance on the pitch, though noteworthy, was not enough to lead to worldwide fame. Much of the credit for his worldwide popularity goes to the larger-than-life character that MJ and his team created.

Michael was bigger than the game, bigger than the Bulls or even the NBA. And even though his heart belonged to basketball, he knew it wasn’t enough to play exceptionally well.

Even at a young age, he understood the value of making the right decisions and creating the right brand image.

2000s sensation Allen Iverson faithfully reflected the emotions of the entire basketball community in his Hall of Fame speech.

AI: “I have to thank this man, because without his vision, I promise you, there would be no Hall of Famer Allen Iverson on this podium without him. He gave me the vision, man. And you want to be fast like Isaiah and you want to shoot like Bird. Rebound like Barkley. Pass like magic. Be dominant like Shaq. But man, I wanted to be like Mike.

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Michael Jordan’s former agent has revealed how pissed off the superstar looked during negotiations with Nike

Everyone has wanted to be like Mike. They wanted to dress like Mike, play like Mike, and celebrate like Mike. Nike has become this bridge, this magic portal that could bring Jordan fans closer to their idol.

Today, Air Jordan is one of the most sought after brands. There is nothing like it yet. The feeling you get with certain AJs is indescribable.

But Michael’s former agent David Falk has revealed how Nike’s deal with the legend nearly fell apart in 1984.

According to Falk, the five-time MVP has been smitten with Adidas. A busy and chaotic schedule had exhausted Jordan. So when Falk introduced him to Nike, MJ wasn’t the least bit interested. That’s until her mother intervenes.

At the request of his mother, His Airness decided to at least go meet Nike. Falk later recounted how Jordan looked unimpressed with the brand.

Falk: “Jordan is not smiling. He looks like he’s about to cry. He looks like he’s about to scream. He is angry. I’m dying because I know he hates it, and he’s gonna fire me when it’s over.

Imagine if the deal hadn’t been done. The world would have been deprived of the OG sneaker brand and many stockists would have lost their livelihoods.

But the deal was a success. Today, Air Jordan is worth over $10 billion and MJ is worth $2.2 billion. All because of a reluctant encounter.

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