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How LeBron James is changing Hollywood


NBA players hold a celebrity like no other. But only the mainstays of Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, Charles Barkley, Kobe Bryant and a few others really capitalize on this insane success and evolve it into achievements off the pitch. Currently, the man at the head of this group of athlete-turned-entrepreneurs is LeBron James.


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Recently, LeBron became the first active NBA player to see his net worth reach $ 1 billion. Much of that income was tied to his Nike contract, league salary, sponsorships, and business investments. But his interest in cinema and entertainment is also one of the reasons for this monetary success. A genre that even seasoned Hollywood professionals envy.


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LeBron James and the rise of SpringHill Entertainment

Ever since he dodged Adidas’ lucrative deal for a financially weaker Nike deal as a teenager, LeBron James has proven he’s a marathoner, not a sprinter. His business decisions, along with those of Maverick Carter and Rich Paul, showed him to be different from the herd. As a result, it based SpringHill Entertainment to enter the world of cinema.

After the success of a documentary based on his high school basketball years, “More than a game”Bron knew he could be successful in Hollywood. In 2015 he starred in a successful film, Rail accident, where his acting skills were critically acclaimed. And that got the ball rolling, with King James acting in Space Jam 2 while his production house developed some decent projects.

In 2019, a documentary by Muhammad Ali, “What’s My Name” was released and won the Emmy Awards. Other than that, movies like Jostle, with Adam Sandler, are already in preparation. A few more hits and Bron’s production house could go mainstream, swimming with the biggest sharks.


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Akron Hammer’s Ultimate Hollywood Dream

LeBron James dreams of playing the role of a superhero on the big screen. In his book, LeBron INC, sports journalist Brian Windhorst revealed how Bron finds himself perfect to play the role of a potential Marvel superhero. Now, if playing in Space Jam has gotten him so much publicity, one can only imagine what can happen if he gets a “Male” suffix.


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Side projects like Uninterrupted The shop, a platform where celebrities can express themselves, is also helping the King’s cause. Shows supported by SpringHill such as Thousand Millions of Dollars and Survivor’s remorse testify to Bron’s taste for good films. And he does all of this while playing basketball for a good eight months every year.

After retirement, the LeBron producer / actor can be expected to take Hollywood more seriously and get his hands dirty with even bigger plans. But everyone knows that the failure of a production house is only a few flops away. So what do you think, can the L-Train succeed in the brutally competitive world of Hollywood? Can he get an Oscar like Kobe Bryant did? Help us know in the comments section below.


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