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How Mifland went from an accessories line to a clothing brand


Founded in 2011 by Tobi Egberongbe, Mifland is, as Egberongbe puts it, a “design company”. It shares its headquarters between New York and Atlanta, creating a style that is not directly influenced by either city but rather uniquely its own. First with bags and accessories and now larger ready-to-wear items (jackets, pants, hoodies), Mifland approaches everyday objects through a luxurious lens and references to streetwear, which means that hoodies, for example, feel heavier than your usual whites, come in a custom assortment of colors, and feature a pronounced puff print on both sides.

Mifland tracksuits are made right here in the USA.


But the brand’s inventory isn’t limited to simple sweatshirts. As mentioned, Mifland originally mastered bags, luggage and wallets: a Rolltop backpack, a standard backpack, duffel bags, a smaller Bedford bag, utility bags, saddle bags, mini-messengers and four different types of card and bill holders. Most of them, with the exception of limited collaborations with Nike, Jordan and cigarillo brand Backwoods, remain in the rotation. New designs have been implemented here and there, but they only contribute to the brand’s mission: to make the items so unique that there is no mistake that made them.

Mifland’s ‘Million M’ motif, for example, is hard to miss – even harder to confuse with the badges of any other brand. It features the brand’s cursive “M” stamped over and over again, for no real reason. But it works well on down jackets and denim jackets, bags, shorts and even bobs. It’s luxurious, without the same history of Louis Vuitton or Burberry logo designs, but with the same air of luxury all the same.

the million m motif uses the textual logos of luxury houses
The “Million M” motif recalls the textual logos of luxury houses.


That’s why mega-stars like Los Angeles Laker LeBron James and actress Tessa Thompson turned to Egberongbe’s designs. Because while they are of course beautiful, Mifland products are also comfortable, durable and incredibly functional. Using thick leather – ranging from three to seven ounces – sourced here in the United States, the bags promise to last and gain a stellar patina over time; something cheaper than the bags do not grow. Additionally, all of the brand’s leather goods are handcrafted using the “figure eight” sewing method.

“The number eight method is a method that involves a very strong waxed yarn and a push-pull stitch. This combination of material and process ensures durability and sturdiness,” the product description states. Unique finishes are also used on some of the brand’s more recent versions, a plethora of winter-ready tops and bottoms like the Mifland Quilted Overshirt, the Mifland Quilted Pants, the Multicolored Work Jacket, the Carpenter pants, utility vests and The Limited. Mifland edition puffer jacket.

mifland quilted sets
Quilted sets are partly work clothes, partly baggy, but comfortable and functional all the same.


What does that mean, exactly? Well, the padded jacket and pants may look a lot like your favorite puffer jacket, but the dense weave prevents both from being too much puffy, that is, the point where your figure loses all structure and your shadow looks more like a drop than a human body. Paired together, they look like high dividers, capable of replacing, in my opinion, a costume when needed. The work jacket takes the classic chore coat and makes it fun. The Puffer, as the name suggests, is an exaggeration of the style adorned with the colorful “Million M” print.

All of them were part of Mifland’s fall / winter 2021 release, which spanned multiple parts over a few weeks. It was the first time Mifland had abandoned clothing beyond sweatshirts, sweatpants and shorts, signaling both growth and increased confidence in their own aesthetic. For our part, we are surely excited for the future.


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