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How the Curry brand is using Under Armor tech to get into retro sneakers – Footwear News


On his way to securing his fourth NBA title, Golden State Warriors sniper Stephen Curry donned sneakers that had his fans and sneakerheads buzzing. Rather than wearing his current Curry stream 9 style, it hit hardwood in a refreshed iteration of the Curry 4 that debuted in 2017.

The new look – dubbed the Curry 4 FloTro – not only gives consumers another chance to own a sneaker they loved, but it also gives the wearer a new on-foot experience. The Curry 4 FloTro will feature Under Armour’s Flow technology, which is described as a responsive and grippy singular foam compound that does away with the rubber outsole.

The Curry 4 FloTro arrives today, and looking ahead, Curry Brand will launch pink and black colorways of the shoe on July 22, with lilac and gray iterations hitting stores August 5.

But the Curry 4 FloTro isn’t the only updated retro shoe the athletics giant is planning to release.

Below, the key players who brought the Curry 4 FloTro to life reveal Under Armor and Curry Brand’s plans for the retro sneaker market, which includes more Curry 4 FloTro releases, as well as product updates. other favourites, collaborations and more.

What was the response when Stephen Curry launched the Curry 4 FloTro in the 2022 NBA Finals?

Steve Segears (Senior Merchandiser, Global Merchandising for Curry and Basketball at Under Armour): “The biggest thing we saw was when it was revealed, everyone just wanted to know, ‘When can I get my hands on it?’ It’s such an iconic silhouette from us, and then with the upgrades to it, it felt like the best of both worlds had collided.Right now, we’re seeing a lot of pent-up demand for the product. Now we know that there is definitely a need for the product, there is a definite need for the product, and the best thing about it is that it actually improves our athlete. When you check the boxes and you combine style and function, you know you win. What helped him the most was that Steph did what he had to do. We did our job on our end and Steph finally got it. added that extra fire by coming out and remaining undefeated in the “Lucky Lilac” pair.

The Curry 4 FloTro in the color lilac.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Curry Brand

How strong is the market for older performance basketball styles updated with modern technology?

Ryan Drew (GM of Curry Brand at Under Armour): “The market was established with the Protro product line with Nike, especially Kobe [signature franchise]. The language of something ‘Tro’ is rife among sneaker circles, and we have our own plan for a retro product. Going forward, it will be a siled business for us. We also know there are opportunities to go back and play with some of the products from our past where Stephen had those great times. One of the things we say is that we would like to right some of the sins of the past. We’re not a sneaker brand that’s 40 or 50 years in the making of shoes, and if you go back to some of Stephen’s early products, we’ve learned a lot in the process. Being able to go back and take the good, leave the bad, update some things and add Flow technology gives us the opportunity to spin shoes in a different way. This year, Steph has worn retro models, but what FloTro gives us is a platform to reintroduce shoes and adapt them to the specifications of today’s athletes with higher performance materials, using constructions different from the invoices of seven or eight years ago. , then using Flow, which is a real game-changer for cushioning and traction.

Why was the Curry 4 the ideal silhouette to launch the FloTro business?

DR: “It was a happy accident. When Stephen was working with our innovation team developing Flow, the shoe they put him in to test the bottom was the Curry 4 Mid. The kind of shoe just existed. This shoe is unique because it uses the same tooling as the Curry 8. In the future with Flow, the bottom will mimic the original design of the shoes. With the Curry 1, Curry 2, Curry 5 there will be similarities between the tooling For the FloTro 4, the tooling we used underfoot was from the Curry 8 because that’s the setup Stephen used when we built and tested Flow – and he loved it. developed the Curry 8 upper, then we launched the Curry 9 and we will be launching the Curry 10 this fall.

How does the addition of Flow change the wearer’s experience compared to the original shoe?

Ed Wallace (Senior Footwear Designer for Curry and Basketball at Under Armour): “The Stream is incredibly grippy so there’s definitely an adjustment period to get used to it. But some of the benefits are that it’s a lot lighter than the original, it’s a lot more comfortable under point foot from the cushion and the traction is just insane.When it comes to stopping in no time, changing gears is so much better.

Curry 4 FloTr

A close up of the Curry 4 FloTro’s FLow technology.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Curry Brand

Why was it the right time to market the Curry 4 FloTro?

DR: “In this business, I would say that sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good. It’s no mystery that this year supply chain has probably been the biggest story in the sneaker market. For a lot of all players, if you went to see a game in November or December, the product you saw on the pitch was largely last year’s. It was very obvious that the shoes just didn’t make it into the country, and that really stretched from fall to spring. What is normally a busy launch month for us turned into a very busy February. You got the hindsight of a lot of the product. Our original launch plans for the FloTro 4 – and there are four colors we ended up producing – were earlier in the spring. The reason he had them earlier in the playoffs was because we actually had his pair, we had all of his pairs ready to go. They were ready to go for him, it just wasn’t ready to go for retail. The shoes happened to land and were ready to launch in Asia, they launched on the Sunday after the win, and in North America with the shipping delay and all that, it took us a few more weeks . If we hadn’t had supply chain issues, you would have seen these shoes in May around the start of the playoffs.

How will this approach to retro footwear play out beyond the Curry 4 FloTro?

John Humphrey (Creative Director, Footwear at Under Armour): “Ed has done a great job with the Curry 4 setting the stage for what this FloTro program means and what it looks like, and we have more in the works. This fall we will continue to build on that momentum and bringing back another Curry style, the FloTro Curry 1. If you look back, the Curry 1 is considered by many to be one of his most iconic shoes, the launch style for him with UA.

SS: “On the Curry FloTro 4, the only collab we can tease at the moment is the Diet Starts Monday collab. We have a few other accounts that we’re working on other collaborations that you’ll probably see preview footage of a bit later as we go through the conversations.

Although several signature Curry shoes have hit the market, the franchise is still relatively new. What impact, if any, will this have on Curry Brand’s approach to the retro sneaker market?

DR: “With caution and intentionality. We recognize that when you’re only 10 models, a lot of people were just wearing the shoe. Retroing, you have to be careful with that. Why FloTro is exciting is that many of these shoes are still on the mind. Stephen had a lot of great experiences with these shoes not so long ago, so a lot of people remember them. Under Armor and Curry Brand, we are not the market leader in basketball shoe volume, so there were a lot of people who weren’t lucky enough to purchase the shoe when it was available. To be able to offer that now with this new technology, it gives people the chance to discover a product that they may have missed or were too young or didn’t like. There are a lot of things coming together that make it a good time. We’re just getting started, so we’re doing it the right way, making sure we’re working with the right partners when it comes to partnerships and collaborations, being very intentional about what shoes we offer.

Curry 4 FloTr

The Curry 4 FloTro in black.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Curry Brand

Curry 4 FloTr

The Curry 4 FloTro in pink.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Curry Brand