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How to never pay full price for your favorite sports brands again


At the most expensive time of year, we share our tips on how to get your favorite sports brands for less.

There’s no escaping it – life is quite expensive these days, and during the holiday season we all have a few extra expenses.

While you might have to shell out full price for your turkey and garnishes, it’s possible to get a good deal on your favorite sports brands to help you shed those extra calories, and in this article we’ll show you how. do exactly that:

Many happy comebacks

You’ve no doubt heard of Amazon, but you might not have yet come across one of the internet giant’s spin-offs – Amazon Warehouse. It’s a great option to get your hands on branded sportswear and gear at discounted prices, and membership is free. Amazon Warehouse sells products that have been purchased and returned by other customers, or items with damaged packaging or without packaging.

This means that while you might not get the shiny new box to go with your new sneakers or Fitbit, you still get the same high-quality product, just with a slightly lower price tag.

Do you want discounts? Do it!

Nike is one of the most popular sports brands in the world, but getting the latest products can get a bit expensive. The good news is, you don’t have to go into debt to get yourself a new Nike running shoe.

Nike coupon codes offer significant price reductions on a wide range of Nike products. Simply go to the website and choose your region of purchase from the menu to get up to 50% off. Once your purchase is complete, your Nike promo code will be sent to your inbox, giving you access to great discounts and allowing you to complete your order.

Discount and save

Nowadays, there are a number of discount programs that will allow you to refund your purchases on certain sites. Some of these programs include TopCashBack, Quidco, and MyMoneyPocket. These sites will normally ask you to register in order to take advantage of the money savings and in some cases you will need to purchase your branded sporting goods from the site in order to save the money. These sites are usually free and registration only takes a minute or two.

Credit where credit is due

Some credit cards offer cash back rewards on purchases made with your card, saving you money on your favorite sports brands. Some of these card issuers include American Express and Chase Bank. While it is possible to save money this way, you should still read the terms and conditions carefully to make sure you know what you are getting into.

Join the club

A very easy way to get discounts on your favorite brands is to sign up for the brand’s subscription program. For the uninitiated, these programs offer regular deliveries of sports and fitness products at preferential rates and, for example, Street Team Cycling offers monthly boxes for cycling enthusiasts.

How it works? Customers sign up for the membership program and pay a monthly fee – in the case of Street Team Cycling, the packages range from $ 45 to $ 475 per month.

You will then receive a box of company goodies each month that can include merchandise, snacks, and more. While you generally receive great products from these subscription programs, it should be noted that the content of the subscription boxes is “lucky” and therefore you cannot choose what you will receive.

Set your calendar for sales

While this one requires a little patience, it can pay off in the long run. Annual sales like Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday allow you to take advantage of reduced prices – often for a limited time – but you need to be quick once the sale begins, so it’s worth setting that alarm. You can also search for your chosen brand to find out when they typically have in-store and online sales each season.

The survey says

Online surveys can be a gold mine for those with the time and patience to get involved. There are many sites that will reward you for taking surveys with freebies, discounts, and even cash. Some of these sites are Branded Surveys, Swagbucks, and Toluna.

Test, test

In 2021, one of a brand’s most valuable assets is their product reviews, and they’re always looking for ways to get more of them. Because of this, many top brands, including sports brands, are signing up for product testing sites in order to get more (hopefully positive) reviews.

For you, this means that you have the opportunity to get yourself some fantastic products completely for free – all you have to do is register on these sites, receive the product and leave a review and the article is to you.

Some sites include BzzAgent and Pinecone. A tip here is to make sure your reviews are as detailed and thoughtful as possible, as this will make you become a brand super tester and generally lead to more regular testing work.


In 2021, paying full price is far from the only option available when purchasing your favorite sports brands. Often times, stores and websites add huge markups to products as standard, which means you end up paying well above the ratings for your product.

The tips included in this article can really help you save money on your favorite brands and get you access to exclusive offers when you sign up for programs and newsletters.