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How Weight Loss Changed Emily Bieberly’s Life and Image of 90 Day Fiancé


Emily Bieberly from 90 day fiance season 9 benefits from her weight loss transformation, and fans wonder if the slimming has changed what TLC fans call Emily”Karine” personality in any way? When Emily went to Asia to work as an English teacher, she may not have known she would find herself on TLC three years later, scrutinized by viewers around the world. The Kansas native unexpectedly became a mom at 29, after a whirlwind relationship with Kobe Blaise, which began in China. When she became pregnant, Emily returned to live with her family in the United States and Kobe returned to his country, Cameroon. The single mother then raised baby Koban for 17 months. Upon Kobe’s arrival in the United States, she quickly became pregnant again.


Kobe’s sarcastic comment about how Emily gained weight when he first saw her in America offended 90 day fiance Fans. Emily had won sympathy at the time, but in later episodes she was crowned the season’s ultimate villain. Fans claimed she was grossly unfair to new dad Kobe, not allowing him to be himself or fully participate in parenting their son. If Emily micromanaging Kobe around Koban wasn’t enough, her parents did the same. Emily even bought her own engagement ring because she wasn’t sure Kobe would be able to buy one. Even Kobe tells him to “shut updidn’t stop Emily’s bossy nature from emerging.

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Comments under Emily’s Instagram photos often included criticism of her legitimate behavior. They disagreed with Emily’her parents support her financially and even fund her marriage to Kobe. However, comments on her new IG photos suggest that fans have started to be nicer to her. For example, Emily recently posted two side-by-side photos of herself in the same Nike jersey. Emily’s photo on the left shows her at a lower weight; it was from 2017. The most recent photo on the right is from the day she posted it online. Emily didn’t preach about losing weight, but instead gave her followers advice on how to live healthier lives. “Small changes turn into big results“, added Emily in her caption.

Apart from Emily’s 90 day fiance co-stars, like Jibri Bell, telling her, “you have this“, and her followers saying she looked”phenomenal“, several TLC viewers were inspired by the Salina resident. One fan mentioned how great working out after having a child is”so hard especially with sleep deprivation.” They wrote that Emily was fine, because she was not giving up. “Hey, moms are moms. You’re okay!” wrote someone else. Fans thanked Emily for her advice, which they assured her was “feasible.“Another of Emily’s followers even told her:”girl you better now with meat on your bones.” They asked the TLC star and her mother Emily not to let the opinions of others ruin how she feels about her own body.

Emily’s weight loss journey really shouldn’t be compared to other people’s physical transformations 90 day fiance cast members. She admitted to struggling with her weight and losing a few extra pounds in 2018, just before she met Kobe and got pregnant. Emily has since had two babies and her body has gone through natural changes. However, she has been consistent with her hard work and never seems to miss a day at the gym. She trains every day at dawn, before starting her chores as a stay-at-home mom. The mean comments reality TV star Emily receives may or may not affect her; however, the number of supporters she now has may inspire the 90 day fiance “bad” to do better.

Source: Emilie Bieberly/Instagram