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“I think it’s about time”: Kevin Durant Eyes on Ja Morant’s Neat Collection of KD 4 Shoes, Teases New Protro Line Released for Own Sneakers


Kevin Durant posted an update on Twitter that should send the sneakerheads scurrying, checking their bank balances for a new purchase.

Kevin Durant has a lot in common with his high school idol – late Lakers legend Kobe Bryant. Each of them has been considered the game’s top scorer.

Both KD and Kobe have pushed the boundaries of their sport, on and off the pitch. And while Kobe is no longer with and around us, his legacy lives on through his followers.

Kobe left a huge legacy for hooters by designing shoes with Nike that can be used in a viable way on outdoor courts. He launched a whole new series of retro sneakers for professionals, called the Protros, in 2018. And if Twitter is any indication of real life, Kevin Durant could join us.

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Kevin Durant teases release of new Protro sneakers via his Nike KD line on Twitter

Sneakers news writer Nick De Paula has been one of the most knowledgeable members of the media in the industry. He has a voracious appetite for advertising big kicks via his Twitter.

De Paula put on a series of Ja Morant kicks, demonstrating just how much of a sneakerhead the Grizzlies star is. In that very thread, ESPN writer asked Kevin Durant if the Nets superstar had any interest in releasing his own Protros.

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It appears Kevin Durant is considering accepting his offer from Paula. The Slim Reaper took to Twitter to respond to the sneaker news insider earlier this afternoon.

The KD 4 shoes are indeed among the best that Nike has ever released in its basketball lineup. A refill of the very popular and successful sneakers in the Protro form would indeed be a great addition. For my part, I would queue in front of the stores to buy it.