Home Kobe shoes “I won $40 million and an all-star game from that party!” How Gilbert Arenas threw himself a $1 million birthday bash and turned it into a multi-million dollar shoe deal from Adidas with a starting All-Star spot on Vince Carter

“I won $40 million and an all-star game from that party!” How Gilbert Arenas threw himself a $1 million birthday bash and turned it into a multi-million dollar shoe deal from Adidas with a starting All-Star spot on Vince Carter


Ex-NBA star Gilbert Arenas recently sat down with Kyle Kuzma and talked about his iconic 25and birthday party and how it helped him land a multi-million shoe deal with Adidas.

When it comes to being NBA stars, especially the crème de la crème, they are in the spotlight as soon as they enter high school. And those players who show the potential to become superstars for the foreseeable future, get endorsements and trade deals that sometimes go far beyond the money they earn from their salaries alone.

For example, Zion Williamson signed an unprecedented five-year, $75 million deal with Jordan Brand before he even made his NBA debut, there was no doubt he had been named the NBA’s next signing star. business.

Former NBA All-Star Gilbert Arenas is best known for his tenure with the Washington Wizards. In his heyday, Agent Zero was known to be a complete 3-tier bucket and scorer and was tearing the league apart. As a result, it was time to renew his already existing Adidas contract.

And like everyone else, Arenas wanted the company’s big bag. So what did Arenas do to finally secure a multi-million dollar deal with the company? Read on and find out…

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Gilbert Arenas’ iconic 25and birthday party.

Former All-Star Gilbert Arenas was a once-in-a-lifetime player. And we’re not necessarily talking about his ability on the pitch. His huge gun locker room controversy, huge parties, etc. We may never see a player like Agent Zero again in this regard in the NBA.

However, there was a time when he was not one of the most popular players in the league. In fact, the only reason Adidas didn’t offer the former guard the bag was his lack of popularity, despite being a 2x All-Star at the time. So, in order to gain some notoriety, he tried to do it in the most Gilbert Arenas way possible.

He threw his 25th birthday party in 2007, Arenas made sure he could use it to boost his popularity and end up with a bigger deal than what was on offer. In a recent interview with Kyle Kuzma, he opens the same –

“At this point, I’m not a clubber. “I’m negotiating for Adidas, I’m a 2x All-Star on a $100,000 shoe deal, and they’re trying to get $500,000. I’m like, ‘No, I’m worth $2 million.’

“So I’m going to throw a birthday party because I run Vince Carter’s mom who used to throw parties and have everybody and everybody fill out the ballots. So I thought, ‘I can throw a party and get people to vote at the party.

And somehow he even managed to convince Puff Daddy. This was after Lil Wayne initially refused to come to the party, and it really got the ball rolling.

“Once I got Puff P, everyone got easy. So I hit back at Wayne, he confirmed. I hit TI, he confirmed. Game and I were close, so Game confirmed. I hit Busta, and Busta costs more than everyone else. He was like, ‘For my price, I’m going to be the best show.’ And then I had Doug E. Fresh.


The plan worked as Arenas ended up throwing a party for around 7,500 people.

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Gilbert Arenas gets a shoe deal and an All-Star starter spot due to his partying.

As we mentioned earlier, Arenas threw the party to gain popularity with fans and the media. Mainly for two reasons. First, get an All-Star spot over Vince Carter. Second, and more importantly, getting that multi-million shoe deal with Adidas.

“I think I was 200,000 votes behind Vince and overnight I took him.”

And the idea worked like a charm. He passed Carter as the All-Star starting goaltender that year.

And more importantly, give him some form of leverage during contract negotiations with his shoe company.

Adidas offered him the $2 million a year deal Arenas had asked for, but he ended up negotiating it further and signed himself to a deal of $5 million a year for 8 years that would eventually total $40. millions of dollars.

The party was also iconic, one that will go down in the history books. This turned out to be one of those WTF stories you’ll hear about Gilbert Arenas at this point. But it also shows, always bet on yourself.

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