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In 2013, Phil Jackson said Michael Jordan was better than LeBron James just because of the championships


The GOAT debate has long been a subject of controversy.

Recently, LeBron James has made a strong case that he belongs at the top, if not for his illustrious resume, then for his incredible longevity, which makes him one of the best players in the league after 18 years. His complete talent alone is enough for countless fans and former players to classify it as no. 1.

But for many, Michael Jeffrey Jordan still wears the crown. Throughout the ’90s Jordan wasn’t just dominant on the pitch, he was the face of the whole game.

It can be difficult to pick one player over another in the GOAT debate, but a major factor that long separated the two was the championships.

In May 2013, when James had only one title under his belt, basketball coaching legend Phil Jackson said the lack of championships was, in fact, the only reason he couldn’t beat. LeBron above Jordan in the all-time leaderboard.

“I think a lot of people think he’s there,” Jackson said. “I think the best is only the championships. It’s the only metric left for LeBron that will say he’s a better baseball player than Michael or people can dispute him. It’s the number of championships you win, and it’s proof in the pudding.

His game is incredible. I think it’s amazing that he can play without making a mistake most of the time. He can play defense on almost anyone on the ground. He’s a selfless baseball player. He doesn’t feel like scoring like Kobe or Michael, but when the need arises, he definitely finds a way to score. His game has continued to improve over the past four or five years, and we don’t see what the limits will be.

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