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Innovative and inventive sneaker designs that are the future of footwear


Shoes started out as functional designs meant to protect our feet, but over time they have become style statements, a representation of our personality and our personal sense of fashion. After all, don’t they say you can tell a lot about a man by the condition of his shoes? Personally, I love a good pair of sturdy, stylish sneakers, the ones that can get me through the day without hurting my shoes, and also match my outfits! However, I know that is not the case for everyone. People have high demands and expectations when it comes to their shoes, which is why designers unleash all their creativity, sparing no effort to create unique, innovative and ergonomic shoes! From trendy minimalist shoes inspired by Nike to watercolor sneakers, these shoe designs are as futuristic, inventive and fashionable as they come!

1. Diverted vision

Defined by its padded design and minimalist profile, Averted Vision is practical and fashionable. Cushioned soles take up about half of the shoe’s side profiles, providing enough bounce for gravity-free play. Conceptualized without laces, Averted Vision could benefit from textile technology to conform to the feet of the wearer for a snug and comfortable fit. The shoe’s silhouette appears to be inspired by today’s designs, like the Yeezy Foam Runners and Boosts. It sometimes feels like life on Mars is just a stone’s throw away these days, so it’s no surprise that forward-looking designers are influenced by today’s trends.

2. Watercolor sneakers

Watercolor sneaker sneakers

Watercolor sneakers design

Controlled organic shapes and patterns inspired the Watercolor sneakers. The designer mentioned that this pair was an exercise in surface modeling, visualization, and CMF exploration. It’s just a concept, but we want the design to go into production and into the sneaker market. The pair is not Nike or Adidas, but the brand can consider the design. It has no laces because it is a slip-on. The upper appears to be something similar to the Charles Birshaw Modular Mule. There is a separate tongue, but the shoe collars are like Nike’s Flyknit.

3. UV-Zhu’s collection

Did designer UV-Zhu go too far with the shoes? You would be forgiven for thinking so. To put things in the designer’s perspective, UV-Zhu is seasoned at working with everyday objects to “shape” them into perspectives that are not in everyday fashion. And this is well reflected in the shoe collection at hand. Silhouettes with puffy soles and spongy uppers might have you slipping the moment you step in, but would you?

4. Feebees sock sneakers

Feebees sock espadrilles

Feebees Sock Sneaker Design

Feebees Sock sneakers are now considered sustainable as they benefit from a recycling system that turns old shoes into new ones. However, the journey to the final version was not easy as there were several stages of development. Here is the adult version of the original sock shoes for kids, finally arriving after a decade. The Feebees Sock Sneakers can improve your running position. It can also help with your balance and maintain the elasticity of your calves. The sneakers are primarily intended for running, but they are also ideal for outdoor activities, walking, training or everyday use. Each pair gives you the sensation of walking barefoot, which has many advantages.

5. The Stela Basic

SCRY Stela Basic Shadow Sneaker Design

This pair is mounted in black but looks more like charcoal. There is a bit of a matte finish for a bit of elegance. However, the whole design of the pair makes the shoes more decorative. It’s more for making a statement than for comfort. The black monolith in space inspired the founder of SCRY, Zixiong Wei. You cannot miss the futuristic vibe as it is something you can imagine floating in space. One day, when earthlings can visit Mars or any planet, the Stela Basic may be the pair you bring. You might not need comfy shoes there because you might be floating, but at least you can look stylish for it.

6. NASA Inspired Soccer Shoes

Wouldn’t you like to see a Messi vs Ronaldo game on the moon to determine who the GOAT is once and for all? Sure, they’d be wearing space suits or literally flying while trying to kick the ball, but wouldn’t that be fun to watch? Well, since it’s still quite far in the future (we could have Ronaldo and Messi’s kids playing at that point), having a space-themed, futuristic design for the soccer cleats is the best thing to do. The question for the designer is whether NASA started making football boots. What he came up with are futuristic designs inspired by the moon and space, but which are also minimalist in their aesthetics. It uses basic colors like white, blue, red, and silver, adding a spatial shine to the boots.

7. The Poseidon

Designed as part of the #lacelesschallenge organized by Laceless Design, the Poseidon is inspired by the ocean and the variety of creatures that live there, and expresses the language of the sea in the form of a lifestyle sneaker. Borrowing from the ocean’s vast library of visual inspiration, the Poseidon looks otherworldly, almost as if it’s from a completely different planet.

8. Earth Moc

Designed as a passion project, Daniel Shirkey’s Earth Moc was created as a potential recovery shoe for hikers. Shirley’s main goal was to understand how a single material could address all aspects of the shoe experience, from flexibility to comfort, while giving your feet the support they need after a tough hike. . Shirley’s design even includes treads on its underside that further allow you to go light hiking, providing the right amount of traction required on moderately uneven surfaces and dirt roads.

9. Rainforest Walk

Walk in the rainforest 8

Walk in the rainforest

The Rainforest Walk is a pair of sneakers that lets you enjoy walking in a more natural way, like walking through a rainforest. The design was created to complement the natural functions of the body. The style of the shoes follows the pattern and visuals from a natural source. The idea of ​​walking barefoot is not the only reason for the design. It mimics the natural foot shape of the muscles, like the roots of a tree crawling with the earth. The shoe starts with a custom anatomical construction and is then covered in different patterns that appear to hug the foot.

10. Running shoes 38%_2101

Space-X sneakers for Mars Process

38%_2101 Mars Material Running Shoes

Once you’ve set foot on Mars, it can be nice to wear something cool and durable like the 38%_2101 running shoes for MARS. The pair is based on the Y-3 running shoes and looks very futuristic. The designer decided to opt for the Y-3 because the brand has a futuristic vision. The 38%_2101 running shoes for Mars seem out of this world, but the pair is also something we can still wear on Earth. The designer’s process included several other inspirations such as aerospace equipment and minimal color units and a few cleanly shaped elements.