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Is marketing personalization taking it to the next level?


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What form of digital communication helps the environment? What is a mature content organization? How to eliminate friction to ensure a better customer experience? Meanwhile, we understand how many companies are shrinking their digital workplace core.

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  • Choose the lowest CO2 emitting form of digital communication Gerry McGovern | December 6. Text is the purest, lightest, and most environmentally friendly form of digital communication. Images have a much higher carbon footprint than words. The weight of the text is affected by the text format used. HTML, when used correctly, is a lightweight, eco-friendly way to publish content.
  • When will marketers master personalization? Lynne Capozzi | December 6. While consumer loyalty remains low, attracting new customers is expensive. However, brands face additional hurdles. The contemporary consumer journey requires businesses to use many channels and devices.
  • Understanding the Rules for Intent-Based Marketing Personalization Dom Nicastro | December 7. About a fifth of companies say that 75% of the material their organizations provide to their customers is personalized. Due to advancements in machine learning and personalization technologies, it’s not just about personalization anymore, but also about the given level of personalization.
  • When hyper-personalization becomes hyper-scary Scott Clark | December 7. Consumers demand hyper-personalization of the brands they interact with. Customers want businesses to know their buying history, hobbies, and browsing history in order to get relevant recommendations and insights. Hyper-personalization, on the other hand, can be terrifying when it gets extremely personal.
  • Build your Martech stack on a DAM John Horodyski foundation | December 8. From the start to the end of the customer interaction lifecycle, an integrated martech stack helps marketing, operations, IT, and others interpret data holistically. The martech stack is the collection and classification of all of these tools in one place.
  • How mature is your content organization? Lindy Roux | December 8. The demand for a strong content organization has grown alongside the desire to develop content at scale and deliver it across multiple channels in an appropriate contextual manner.
  • Now is the time to remove friction from customer experiences Inge De Bleecker | December 9. COVID-19 has advanced the digital revolution in a way that no other event of the 21st century has. Companies that fell behind had to adapt quickly or risk becoming obsolete, or worse, obsolete.
  • This brand is your brand: or is it? Steve Olenski | December 9. Nike’s fight with third-party designers still has a long way to go. Nonetheless, many people wonder when a business officially relinquishes ownership of its branded items beyond the point of purchase.
  • Honey, I Shrunk the Core (of the Digital Workplace) James Robertson | December 2. Some organizations have spent the past two years transforming their cores into smaller, more flexible hubs capable of supporting a large number of innovative digital departments. It is now up to other companies to catch up.

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