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Jamal Crawford reveals his favorite memory of Kobe Bryant with an A + story


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  • Jamal Crawford and Kobe Bryant had a unique connection with each 20 years in the NBA.
  • This week, Crawford shared his favorite memory of Kobe with a story during a Twitter Spaces Q&A with fans.
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Jamal Crawford and Kobe Bryant have a lot in common. Each played for 20 years in the NBA, Bryant from 1996 to 2016, Crawford from 2000 to 2020. Kobe played 1,346 regular season games. Jamal played in 1327. And they played versus 28 times, Bryant winning the dub in 16 of their games.

This week Crawford was invited to share his favorite memory of Kobe Bryant during a Questions and answers on Twitter spaces with the fans and he did it with a story from July 2014 that had nothing to do with their league showdown.

“My favorite memory of Kobe was in the summer and we were both playing celebrity softball game in Seattle,” Crawford recalls. “We started to talk. By the way, Kobe has this aura around him, where he could make superstars, without telling me, but I’ve seen superstars get nervous around him. He just stood out. He was something different.

“So we were at the softball game, and it was my pro-am game later on and I finally got enough courage. I’m like ‘Kobe man, will you come and watch me play tonight. Everyone thinks you’re coming anyway. Will you come? ‘

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“He said, ‘You are playing.’ I said, ‘Yeah.’ He said, ‘I’m coming.’ And someone from Nike said to me, ‘No, we have to go back to LA, we have to go.’ He said: ‘No, I’m going to watch Jamal play.’ He backed up his plane. He brought him, his wife, his daughters, the whole family to watch me play and I scored 63 points.

“And it wasn’t because of me. I tell you. I remember driving like, ‘Damn, Kobe is behind me in the car right now.’ I’m calling everyone like, “Go to Pro-Am, Kobe is coming!” And so he had that aura around him and it was the craziest moment for me because he had every reason in the world to say, “No I’m not coming” or “I’ll do it another time,” it’s at the last minute, ‘and I would have totally understood, but the fact that he moved everything ahead was amazing to me.

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