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Jordan and “Zen Master” agree on a triangle of sneakers


A philosopher strong in the attacking triangle, practicing the art of Zen; a spiritual genius and innovator with the ultimate hardwood success formula, Phil Jackson aka “Zen Master” was a basketball coach like no other.

He won an unrivaled 11 NBA championships, six with the Chicago Bulls and five with the Los Angeles Lakers. Throughout his coaching days, he tamed the most ruthless “gods of the game” with his spiritual beliefs as part of his coaching practices.

Phil Jackson’s shrewd understanding of the game, spirituality and weird habit of giving players personalized books to read has inspired everyone from Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen in the Bulls to Shaquille O’Neal and the Aggressive – often anti-Phil – Kobe Bryant in the Lakers.

For the incredible culture he managed to create on the hardwood court, Phil is considered one of the best coaches in basketball. In honor of the legendary Zen Master, Air Jordan is rolling out a trio of sneakers that you can get in June 2022.

Air Jordan 4

A mix of pinks and purples on the Air Jordan 4 upper hints at a lovely zen pattern here. One of basketball fans’ most fantastic Air Jordan silhouettes, the AJ4 in the “Zen Master” colorway has been on every Jordan buff’s radar ever since it was first teased the last year. The shoe has a gorgeous pink, purple, and lavender tie aesthetic and is priced around $200.

Air Jordan 1 Low

A touch not to be missed on the AJ1. This new colorway is the latest to join the Zen Master collection. In sync with the original image, the Air Jordan 1 Low Zen Master features a black toe box. The predominantly White upper is accented with a Black leather mudguard, swoosh and eyelets. The heel is the most interesting and is treated in mint contrast. The same color is seen on the outsole below the white midsole. A men’s pair of this AJ1 bottom should go for $110.

Air Jordan 1 Mid

Before we learned that the AJ1 Low was joining the Zen Master collection, we were sure the Air Jordan 1 Mid Zen Master was coming in the most subtle colorway possible. The base White upper with Black overlays, Black toe box and mudguard has a tie-dye canvas “Amethyst Wave” collar and heel that puts the shoe in the Zen pattern. The shoe will cost $135.