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Jordan Brand’s Spring 2022 shows the importance of traditional design – ARCH-USA


The Air Jordan XII celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2022. Where you’ll find it, it’s a product of the brand’s layered retro philosophy.

Source: Jordan Brand Retro Preview Spring 2022 Official Images

At the end of 2021, an interesting change happened. Brands have started to understand the advantage of Nike and Jordan Brand. New Balance rolled out the 550. adidas started dropping more forums and Top 10. Independent brands started introducing silhouettes that looked like the Jordan 1. What all of these shoes have in common is a construction that seems to be worth more. Regardless of whether the 550, and Forums used cheaper synthetic leather, they had classic shoe and construction elements that weren’t just another knit sneaker.

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In the article above, I discuss how the shoes are made vs. regular running shoes vs. knit sneakers. I’m diving into pricing and it’s a similar discussion for basketball-inspired sneakers, except for one more thing to think about. Basketball sneakers evoke a time when sneaker culture became what it is. This foundation cannot be ignored as many styles today that have become popular models have their roots in the heyday of hip-hop and basketball. A quick look at Jordan’s Spring 2022 collection and the shoes all stop at MJ’s brightest moments 1-14 (1-13 here). Heritage, materials and design ensure consumer safety. I intentionally use security here. Basketball sneakers were traditionally designed for strength; leather and suede overlays, reinforced toes, elongated collars to present the appearance of ankle support, although most ankle injuries occur for reasons that nothing can prevent… basketball exhibited strength.

In the design of traditional basketball shoes, there was also the option of using color blocks that fit together like jigsaw puzzles. It was complex, but the lines came together to make sense. Think of the 550 and its success lately, and the Forum. Also think about the reasons why some consumers are willing to pay for Air Kiy, Fugazi and other Jordan 1 inspired shoes. Think of the re-released models from Adidas like Kobe’s first signature models and how the materials and design is an integral part of the story. . Then think about the monstrosity of Kobe’s latest adidas designs that lacked a more traditional look. Kobe quit adidas after these moon shoes. Now take a look at the adidas and Nike shoes under construction. The colorblock is more Pollock than Cubism. Both work, but one can be deciphered and is easier to accept. The materials of the adidas and Nike models below lack clean lines where more premium materials would make sense.

Sneakers have become casual because the lines have adapted very well to fashion. As futuristic as the Jordan Brand line was when they were first created, if you wore pants, shorts, a warm up, the lines and blocking were easy to style. When you look at the new sneakers from Adidas and the new designs from Nike above, they are almost all interchangeable and constructed with the same knitted look. The PG is the exception, but I’ve always said the PG doesn’t deserve a signature shoe. He doesn’t have any memorable moments. There is no nostalgia or moments associated with any of the above athletes. KD has rings, but he doesn’t have defining moments. If a basketball sneaker is to be created in the hope that it will resonate, either the design will have to connect or the memory has to be there. Check out the shoes above, then watch Pollock vs Picasso below. One isn’t better than the other, but without an explanation it feels more like art. Am I saying modern design needs to be simplified? Yes. If the 550, Forum, Jordan 1 is any indication, you have to give people what they want because there isn’t a dud in 15 drops listed below.