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Kep1er’s Dayeon And Ciipher’s Won Finally Address Talent Dating Rumors


Kep1erit is Dayeon and Encryptit is Won Labels CJ ENM and rain company have finally solved the dating problems of their talents. Apparently, the two are in a relationship and have been dating for an unknown period.

The claims began when a Twitter user posted multiple photos of the two idols, using and wearing matching clothes and items and visiting the same places. These posts have fueled speculation that Dayeon and Won have a romance.

Addressing Dayeon, Won’s Dating Rumors

After the news broke, CJ ENM and Rain Company quickly addressed the issue by issuing official statements, though they neither denied nor confirmed the claims.

“It is difficult to confirm [whether the report is true] because it’s the artist’s personal life,” Rain Company said.

“Because this is a personal matter, it is difficult for us to give an answer,” CJ ENM said alternately.

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Hints that Dayeon, Won are dating

Fans can’t help but notice the similarities between the photos of Dayeon and Won they share via a fan communication app. From the matching items to the clothes to be placed, they always seem to be together.

They first notice the Nike handbag that the Kep1er member shared, asking his fans to buy the same bag, so that it can be a matching couple item.

Later, they found out that Won also had the same bag.

Moreover, the Ciipher member also shared his own photos with his fans. They saw that he took a snap with the same location as Dayeon’s phone background image.

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This led to speculation that they were on a date at the time and took photos of each other.

To add more fuel to the fire, they shared images that feature the same items, like phone cases and even pajamas.

Dayeon, Won Anger Fans

The similar snaps of the rookie idols seem to infuriate fans, considering they post them on an app used to communicate with their fandoms.

What irritates them the most is that they pretend that they are just ordinary photos of their daily life when they believe that they are their dating photos.

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“To be honest, they weren’t discovered by Dispatch or whatever, but they were discovered because of the photos they posted in a fan communication app,” said one fan. “It’s really cheating their fans lol.”

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