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Kobe Bryant jumped over an Aston Martin to promote his Nike HyperDunk shoe in 2008: “I Got This”


Kobe Bryant was incredibly athletic during his time in the league. While his fierce dunking ability wasn’t proof enough, Kobe showed his athleticism in several different aspects of the game using his athletic prowess to help him shoot, score and defend.

But Kobe could also show off his athleticism off the pitch. And that’s exactly what he did to promote a new Nike shoe in 2008. To promote the release of his new Nike HyperDunk shoe, Kobe Bryant ran an advertisement in which he jumped over an Aston Martin car to high speed, showing how the shoe can help people with their bouncing and jumping.

The ad became a viral sensation and translated very well into shoe sales for Kobe and Nike. The shoe became one of the first ‘viral sneakers‘, shoes that use the Internet to promote themselves. This was a big boost for Nike and the Kobe brand as they continued to promote many other shoes throughout his playing career and beyond.

But that relationship has since disintegrated, as the deal between Nike and the Bryant Estate collapsed this year. After Bryant’s death, the deal was drawing to a close and the renewal was not agreed to earlier this year. But recently, it became known that the two sides were renegotiating, not ruling out a deal in the future.

If a new deal can be found, NBA players would be very happy. It was recently revealed that NBA players are spending up to five figures to get their hands on a pair of Kobes. Players like PJ Tucker, Anthony Davis and DeMar DeRozan regularly wear Kobes on the pitch, so it’s no surprise.

Advertising has become a classic and is one of the most interesting approaches to promoting a new sneaker. And the shoe performed very well, mainly due to the popularity of the ad itself.