Home Kobe shoes Kobe Bryant once gave epic backlash to former NBA champion for Sporting LeBron James shoes: ‘It made me laugh’

Kobe Bryant once gave epic backlash to former NBA champion for Sporting LeBron James shoes: ‘It made me laugh’


It never gets boring to hear another spectacular Kobe Bryant story. Memories of Mamba continue to flood the minds of players and fans alike, bringing joy at times and tears to their eyes at others. While the reality of his unfortunate demise has yet to be addressed, his Mamba mentality lives on and continues to inspire people on a daily basis.

The basketball world will continue to celebrate Kobe Bryant‘s life, and his legacy and influence will live on forever. Many players will cherish and cherish their personal interactions with Kobe. Tristan Thompson is one of them.


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The Chicago Bulls forward once shared a fun chat he had with Kobe Bryant before a game during his rookie campaign. Thompson played for the Cleveland Cavaliers at the time, who drafted him with the No. 4 pick that season. The rookie was brimming with excitement as it was his first game at Staples Center.

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Tristan Thompson wore LeBron James’ shoes on Kobe’s court and the legend couldn’t help but notice.

Kobe Bryant didn’t hesitate to let the “young man” hear about it

by Kobe Bryant sneaker legacy is as massive as his NBA legacy. And when he noticed Tristan Thompson wearing another superstar’s sneakers, Kobe didn’t hesitate to confront him.

He said, “Young guy, if you had my shoes, you’d have more buckets”, that made me laugh” Thompson recalled his first interaction with the Lakers legend.

“A guy I looked up to all my life, for him to say something like that to me, especially as a rookie, it was like, ‘This guy is a human.'” said Thompson. “Growing up, you think of these guys as superheroes. The fact that he told me that is something I will always tell my kids when I grow up.


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Imagine a player you’ve idolized your whole life – counting down imaginary buzzers, replicating impeccable footwork for fadeaways, or shouting “Kobe” as you fire into the trash – approaching you and questioning your choice of sneakers.


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Tristan Thompson told this story when he spoke for the first time since Kobe’s death. He went on to say that his legacy will live on through the people whose lives he impacted.

“It shows you how much he has touched our league” said Thompson. “He carried our league for a long time. He helped our league become what it is today and he paid for it so that we all had great lives and great benefits. Guys like him who paved the way for us young people.

“He passed the torch to guys like ‘Bron and Steph and KD and Kyrie.’ It’s up to them to keep his legacy alive and keep the game moving forward.” he added.


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Kobe’s unwavering work ethic and dedication to the game have touched the lives of many. Since many current NBA players grew up emulating his technique, Kobe’s legacy will continue in perpetuity.