Home Kobe shoes ‘Kobe Bryant still has to swear it’: NBA Twitter reacts to 6’7″ former Lakers player collapsing in ring

‘Kobe Bryant still has to swear it’: NBA Twitter reacts to 6’7″ former Lakers player collapsing in ring


Former Los Angeles Lakers shooter Nick Young aka Swaggy P is knocked out of the ring in bizarre match

Those of you who remember the Los Angeles Lakers’ steep decline from the 2013-14 season will surely remember Nick Young. The 6’7″ shooter, nicknamed Swaggy P, played four seasons for the team.

During these four seasons, the violet and the gold have never managed to win more than 27 games per season. They also had the worst losing record in the past two decades over the span of four seasons.

Drafted by the Washington Wizards, Young was a good role player before his time with LA Lakers. Although he started as an under par scorer with little impact, he turned things around in his 4th season.

In his first season with the Lakers, although he recorded 17.9 points per game. Young’s attitude and the team’s losing streak led to Kobe Bryant‘s frustration. The late legend often disciplined his young teammates.

Young once revealed how Bryant would react to a horrific loss.

Nick: “We were blowing ourselves up in Portland. Kobe is in the locker room just waiting for everyone to come in. You know everyone in there has “Kobes” on the team. He walks in and says, ‘You’re all playing soft. How are you going to wear these shoes and how sweet are you? That’s not what we do here in Los Angeles.

He continued: “I don’t think about it at all. He tells everyone to take their shoes off, and I’m like, ‘What? What’s wrong with you man? And we removed them. He just started grabbing people’s shoes and throwing them all in the trash. He’s like ‘You don’t deserve this. Until you get it right, you can’t wear Kobe’s.

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Part of the worst Lakers team of the past decade, Swaggy P also loses at boxing

Swaggy P had a decent career in the NBA. He won a chip with the Golden State Warriors in 2018 but was waived by the Nuggets the following season.

On September 10, Young made his boxing debut against TikTok star Minikon. Although Swaggy P won until the third round, a punch from Minikon sent him out of the ring.

NBA Twitter questioned the knockout and many even claimed Young was falling apart. The former Lakers guard lost the fight and sent social media into an intense frenzy.

Do you think Young flopped?

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