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“Kobe Bryant told me to ‘sit my B**** A**! ‘: Spike Lee reveals what the Lakers legend told him as he dropped 61 in MSG


Kobe Bryant once lost 61 points at Madison Square Garden. The reason? Director Spike Lee reportedly prompted the Mamba.

Kobe Bryant was hated by rival teams and fans. This can be demonstrated by the fact that Nike ran an ad highlighting the hatred that fans across America harbored for Kobe.

The publicity revolved around the fact that despite the hate, everyone respected Kobe, even his rivals. Sadly, the Mamba is no longer with us, but its spirit lives on.

The stories of his tenacity are something we cover religiously on this website. Today we take a look back at the moment Kobe torched the New York Knicks.

The reason? A certain director threw down the gauntlet and Kobe agreed. Of course he would, Bryant would never back down from a challenge.

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Kobe Bryant hoses Spike Lee down and tells him to sit down while he dismantles the Knicks!

Recently, Spike Lee revealed that Kobe Bryant used choice words before dropping 61 at Madison Square Garden. The Lakers washed out the Knicks in that game, courtesy of Bryant’s 61.

The reason? Spike started chatting with Kobe and the Mamba didn’t take well. In fact, he told her to sit down and used a colorful choice of words to do so.

Spike revealed this along with the fact that Bryant signed the in-game stat sheet for Spike with “PS Spike that S*** was your fault!”.

Despite the rivalry between the teams, it’s clear that Spike cherishes Kobe and wants him to be with us today. To honor him, the best we can do is speak of the legend with the greatest respect possible.

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