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Kobe Bryant waging battle with Big-Pharma over their opioid-containing energy pill, died three days before court date


Kobe Bryant was alive to see LeBron James pass him on points – his helicopter crashed 3 days before a very important court date.

The Black Mamba is one of the most popular nicknames in sports history. Kobe Bryant had every reason to be angry when Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals used the name to launch an energy pill on the market. The “eat a pill and lose weight” fad was gaining popularity in the mid-2010s, and this pill did just that.

Kobe had been fighting for 3 years – he had sent several notices to the company to stop using the name. They fired back saying it was an animal they used, and Roger Mayweather shared that name as well.

The Lakers man had sent a notice to the company saying they used the word “hyper” in the product, which Nike had used for its products. A coincidence? He didn’t think so. And the battle between the giants was about to end, 3 days after that fateful morning.

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Companies adopted a strategy to sometimes “silence” their opposition – could Kobe Bryant have been one of them?

Pharmaceutical companies have the most skeletons to hide; they deal with the living, but they need the dead. With medicine, a super scientific field that requires expertise, corporations have sometimes managed to get away with murder.

But sometimes a hero emerges, a champion to challenge the status quo. This time it was LA’s hero. Once he started his battle in 2017, more product details began to emerge. The pills were discovered to be mixed with opioids, and so began the Scooby-Doo-style disentanglement.

On January 23, 2020, John Kapoor, a major High-Tech Pharma investor who was also a fentanyl dealer and racketeer, was arrested. He was sentenced to 5.5 years in prison for attempting to legally sell a banned substance to the world.

And 3 days later, everyone knows what happened. An accident, yes, but was it an “accident”?

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Conspiracy Theories Generally Have No Place In Society – This One Is Too Good To Be One

Kyrie Irving may have learned more about this case than we know, as he has vehemently opposed Big Pharma since the crash. Or maybe it’s just another theory that’s shrouded in clouds.

But all signs point to more than just an accident. On the one hand, Kobe had managed to put the man tarnishing his name behind bars. He put an end to a business that could make millions of drug addicts, and above all, he interfered in the affairs of the cartel.

The cartel spares no one, be it the president or the Los Angeles Mamba. Play with money, and you sleep with the fish. Was Kobe Bryant silenced to prevent him from opening up more details? We may never know. But the attacker is behind bars for another 3 years.

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