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Kobe Bryant’s immaculate breakdown of $50 million former Lakers GM shows his accumen


Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest players to step onto an NBA court. His meticulous nature and love for perfecting the game sets him apart.

Among the greatest players to have graced the NBA, Kobe Bryant ranks extremely high compared to his colleagues. Bryant’s knowledge of the game is unmatched for most but a few.

The five-time NBA champion’s approach to the game resembled how another legendary shooting guard also approached the game. Someone, who Bryant modeled his game on.

His understanding of player profiles and what each star had in their arsenal was unparalleled. “Bean” was able to read every NBA player, before and during his time.x

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Kobe Bryant breaks down Jerry West’s game. A class on its own.

Here, Kobe Bryant can be seen breaking down the play of famed Los Angeles Laker goaltender Jerry West. Kobe’s attention to detail was second to none.

Notice how complex and precise he is in his assessment. Bryant’s passion, love, and focus for the game led him to learn the finer details of the game, missed by an everyday spectator.

The Lakers legend’s breakdown of West’s jump shot highlighted the drive, quickness and poise that made West great. Apart from his on-field attributes, West’s off-field activities have also been successful.

Jerry West has amassed a considerable sum through his managerial tenures with several NBA franchises, with his net worth estimated at around $50 million.

One of those stints was during his tenure in Los Angeles in 1996. West transformed the Lakers and had a good relationship with Bryant since West traded Divac for the rights project to Kobe Bryant in 1996.

Following this, Jerry West would go on to sign free agent ‘Center’, Shaquille O’Neal that same summer. These franchise-changing moves essentially laid the groundwork for the Los Angeles Lakers to turn the tide in their favor.

The final piece of the puzzle was West’s acquisition of Phil Jackson as head coach in 1999. In light of this, the LA Lakers, with ‘Shaq’ and Kobe at the helm, would continue to rule the NBA for the next three years.

Who do you think has the highest IQ in NBA history?

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